Geometry Global and Blippar launch global partnership to bring AR to retail

Geometry Global has entered a global strategic partnership with augmented reality specialist Blippar to create "augmented retail" in the physical and digital retail space.

Virtual reality and the new sales experience

How brands like Hasbro, Lowes and North Face are using the technology to transform everyday shopping

Why the Augmented Reality market will outpace virtual reality

AR offers real-world advantages that VR has yet to figure out, writes Blippar's president of global marketing

Ola Björling, Head of VR, MediaMonks.

Virtual reality is not just another screen

While VR is its infancy, how do we nurture the medium to maturity, without getting stuck comparing it to its siblings? In this piece MediaMonks' Head of VR Ola Björling explores how VR can be built up to be a truly ground breaking medium, rather than judging it as a medium by what's already been done.

The 7 essential branded VR experiences (so far)

Advertisers were among the first to experiment with virtual reality. Here are 7 brand experiences that define the state of the art.

Being there: Why VR is the future of tourism

Travel pamphlets and in-flight magazines will soon go the way of smoking sections on planes

What Patrón's CMO learned from taking a chance on virtual reality

Would you pay $1 million for a 2-minute video seen by a few thousand people? Lee Applbaum thinks maybe you should.

Future gazing to 2026: VR a decade after Oculus Rift's consumer launch

The creative director of Framestore's VR Studio imagines a time when the technology has completely transformed work and home life

Your VR experience will begin after this pre-roll

Are conventional digital ads coming to virtual reality? Why the ad industry should resist defiling yet another technology.

Making VR experiences that last 10 years, not 10 minutes

It can't just be about spectacle, says Unit9 VR & Interactive Film Director Anrick Bregman

4 things every creative should consider before kicking off VR production

VR is unlike any storytelling medium to come before it. Firstborn's SVP of content development offers tips to advertising creatives testing the virtual waters

Tech and sympathy: Is VR the ultimate emotive storytelling tool?

VR may represent a fundamental shift in audience engagement, or it could just be the shiny, new thing

Virgin Atlantic marketing boss: 'Sensory marketing does not have to be creepy'

Scents and virtual reality are a growing part of the airline's marketing strategy

Mobile World Congress 2016: Video, 5G, VR ... And oh, yeah, ad blocking

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg set the tone at the world's largest mobile tech conference, predicting a breakout year for mobile video and virtual reality

VR is the ultimate social tool, says Zuckerberg at surprise MWC appearance

The Facebook founder appeared at Samsung's Unpacked event to boost the company's virtual reality efforts

360 video ≠ virtual reality

The executive producer of Framestore's VR Studio explains why you shouldn't use 360 video to solve VR's distribution problem

Is virtual reality the next 3D TV?

Virtual reality was all the rage at CES 2016. But critics are wary about price, comfort and content. Where have we seen this before?

Go inside a Dali painting with Goodby's VR experience

Using Oculus DK2, the agency crafted an immersive tour of the surrealist's work for Florida Dali Museum

CES 2016 Diary: Our tech-enabled future

From hyperreal to fantastical, our environments will surround us with immersive technology, says the worldwide director of J. Walter Thompson's Innovation Group

NYT lays out plans for its VR future

Pub chiefs tell CES attendees to expect regular VR content this year, two videos a month

Immersive, isolated and intense: The 360-degree VR experience

Digital strategists and content creators discuss the power and pitfalls of the new technology at CES 2016

The most creative media of 2015

Executives from Havas, MEC, Walton Isaacson and Noble People name their top picks of the year

2016: The year of the virtual renaissance

From retail to space travel, from advertising to therapy, virtual reality is set to dominate nearly every facet of our culture in 2016, says the worldwide director of JWT's Innovation Group

MediaMonks acquires Stopp, adding virtual reality expertise to its digital toolkit

Expands Los Angeles operations and adds Stockholm to its production network

Holograms, virtual reality and AI: The future is already here, says Google

Creative specialist Amar Thanki spelled out innovations ranging from holograms fashioned from 3D pixels to ocean-cleaning bikinis

To make the most of VR, look beyond storytelling

Rather than passively consuming static media, VR enables people to active agents, offering huge opportunities for content creators, says The Mill New York's executive creative director

Watch: Bob Greenberg picks his favorite technologies

R/GA's co-founder and CEO discusses VR, 3D printing and the future of the workplace

Beware the virtual reality FOMO

When someone asks what your VR strategy is, they're reaching for your wallet, says the global director of interactive strategy at Wieden+Kennedy


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