Question of the Week

Headshots of Dimi Albers, Alexa Zonsius, George Ellis, Lauren Hoops, Jeff Geheb, Katy Thorbahn, Bob Bailey, Greg Paull and Brendan Condon.

Will the ad industry benefit from Big Tech’s layoffs?

Question of the week: As tech companies lay off staff and freeze hiring, Campaign US asked industry leaders whether the ad industry stands to benefit.

12 burned out matchsticks on a gray background

Project vs retainer: Which is better to manage burnout, creativity, and profitability?

As more clients split up their marketing budgets, it's making way for short-term projects. We ask agency leaders how this affects staff workload, creative output, and business sense.

Sad looking girl in front of American flag

How are agencies and brands marking July 4 in the wake of abortion restrictions?

Just one week after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and stripped the right to a legal abortion from American women, the nation heads into July 4 weekend dripping with patriotism. How will brands toe the line?

Clockwise from top left:  Biggam, Douglas, Sorrell, Jones, McCabe, Richards, King, Smoorenburg

Do agency groups’ strong results prove the doubters wrong?

Campaign’s question of the week provokes some strong answers.


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