VML global president Mel Edwards & CEO Jon Cook.

VML’s chiefs on new super-agency, redefining creativity and making cost savings

Jon Cook and Mel Edwards say criticism over the loss of legacy agency brand names like J Walter Thompson and Young & Rubicam disrespects the work put into evolving them.

Woman holding credit card shopping online using her smart phone

3 key takeaways from Cyber Week 2023

Data from Adobe, Salesforce, Shopify and more indicate an increase in mobile shopping and dependence on BNPL and AI as inflation made an indirect impact on shopping habits.

Magnifying glass held over computer screen displaying Google homepage

Report: Google brokered search ads on piracy, porn and sanctioned foreign sites

Adalytics report alleges Google’s third-party search network includes ‘tens of thousands’ of unvetted websites and brand safety risks.

Data analytics dashboard reflected in office worker's glasses

A new era of ads analytics? How Media Mix Modeling is reshaping strategies in the cookie-less world

Privacy regulations have significantly hindered measurement capabilities to the extent that Meta, Google, and Amazon are now finding it necessary to use Media Mix Modeling.

Cartoon of person parachuting into board meeting

‘Sparring partners’: how ad agencies are evolving as brand consultants

Going beyond delivering creative work to having a more fundamental, strategic impact across a brand’s business is helping agencies get ahead.

Packs of Budweiser and Big Light

Why Anheuser-Busch isn’t refilling its US CMO role

Last week, Anheuser-Busch announced that it wouldn’t fill the U.S. CMO role for the embattled beer brand after Benoit Garbe departs, raising questions about the future of its marketing strategy.

Illustration of a spy-type man, half in the shadows

How marketers have become secret weapons in the great pitching wars

In a competitive new-business environment, agencies are turning to freelance marketers in the quest for the edge.

Clip art of people at protest

'Wide-eyed innocence and blind terror': ‪Why haven't advertising professionals unionized?

Campaign explores why advertising professionals have traditionally been slow to unionize.

Headline news clippings

New breed publishers favor subscription revenue as brand safety controls cut off ad supply

Jezebel’s end highlights digital publishing’s monetization problem. Here’s why journalist-owned publishers are taking a different tact.

Campbell's holiday spread image

From bespoke collections to odd recipes, brands are making the holidays fun again

Marketers are working to distract from inflation, loan payments and global crises, as well as turn the corner from COVID this winter.

Headshot of Florian Adamski

Omnicom Media Group’s Florian Adamski shares plans to ‘outgrow the market’

EXCLUSIVE: Campaign gets a sneak peek into OMG’s 2024 strategy and compares its “Agency as a Platform” model with other holding company offerings aimed at simplifying clients’ experience.

Hand pressing five star rating button web page user interface design.

Can a new coalition slay the monster that is fake reviews?

Online platforms are banding together to share best practices and detection methods.

Headshot of Scott Havens

Bloomberg Media CEO Scott Havens on relying less on social media, ad revenue and AI

Havens sat down with Campaign ahead of the sixth annual Bloomberg New Economy Forum.

Campaign BIG Awards logo

4 insights into advertising and Gen Z from the next generation of creatives

60 industry up-and-comers who sat on the jury for the 2023 Campaign US BIG Awards shared their perspective on great creativity, emerging technology and what needs to change about the industry.

Palestinians conduct a search and rescue operation after the second bombardment of the Israeli army in the last 24 hours at Jabalia refugee camp in Gaza City, Gaza on November 01, 2023. Source: Getty Images.

Brands stand against religious hate, donate relief amidst humanitarian crisis in Gaza

After many companies and leaders quickly denounced terrorism and issued statements supporting Israel following the October 7 Hamas attack killing 1,400 civilians, others are now speaking up about the global rise in religious hate and the resulting humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

CMO Outlook written over shadow of house

Campaign CMO Outlook: In-housing permeates brands

Campaign hears from CMOs from across the globe about why and how in-house teams are changing.

Hand holding smart phone displaying Afterpay app

BNPL usage poised to grow this holiday season, despite industry challenges

Buy now, pay later services have been documented as risky for consumers — but forecasts indicate it will be a popular payment option for holiday gifts as economic pressures abound.

Duolingo mascot owl riding in a car next to Margot Robbie as Barbie

Unpacking the delicate art of the unhinged social media mascot

Brands like Duolingo and McDonald’s have given their mascots the reins on social media. This type of posting is much more strategic than meets the eye.

Is the media agency model moving towards outcome-based payment?

Is the media agency model moving towards outcome-based payment?

In a progressively splintered media landscape, brands are seeking a simpler, holistic and results-based service from their agencies. But is that too much to ask for from overstretched teams? PMW spoke to both sides to ask if the future of brand-agency relations will be performance based.

Headshot of Brian O'Kelley

Unfinished business: How adtech pioneer Brian O’Kelley is trying to solve the problems he created

Brian O'Kelley's journey from AppNexus to Scope3, insights from his past, and how he wants to help advertisers create sustainable yet pragmatic advertising.

collage of images including people with computers overlaid with number 2 in a red circle

Can we win the war against the robots?

Is the impending expansion of generative AI a threat to creativity or could it actually serve to drive up standards while also freeing up human creatives to apply their imaginative thinking to broader business problems?

Diverse AI software developers looking at neural network on screen

Can historically biased AI eventually help correct company bias?

Some agencies are starting to experiment with AI in DE&I — but the road ahead is filled with challenges.

Bad Bunny at the 65th Grammy Awards in 2023

Latin music boom reflects growing influence of Hispanic market

Spanish-language Latin music and its subgenres are blowing up on streaming platforms and social media.

David Herro

Top investor David Herro on WPP vs Publicis and why he's keeping faith in agencies

WPP has been 'moving the ball forward', despite 'extremely disappointing' share price, top US fund manager says in interview with Campaign.

Illustration of lips for Campaign's Global Forecast on influencer marketing

Campaign Global Forecast Q4 2023: Influencer marketing steps up

Do marketers increasingly value influencers?

Human hands holding the words Fake and Real. Making decision concept.

How advertisers are funding record amounts of disinformation

The spread of unreliable AI-generated news websites are unintentionally being funded by some of the world's biggest brands through their programmatic ad buys.

Headshot of Josh Stinchcomb

How The Wall Street Journal is leveraging first-party data and ensuring brand safety for advertisers

How the Journal navigates softening advertising markets, leverages first-party data, and addresses growing concerns around the need for brand safety.

Anime cartoon woman hugging the Duolingo owl

Brands court Gen Z with anime as popularity surges

As audiences consume more global content, brands are tapping into the rising popularity of East Asian pop culture among U.S. audiences.

Mark Zuckerberg on stage at Meta Connect 2023

Ad industry ‘bullish’ on Meta following AI, mixed reality showcase

Agencies welcome Meta's gaming integrations and open approach to AI — but remain cautious about brand safety

Hand holding smart phone displaying Roblox screen

Roblox reviews: what do brands get out of video games?

A former video game journalist brushes off the game-reviewing cobwebs to grade branded Roblox activations based on performance metrics.


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