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Pitch imperfect: Adland struggling to balance hunt for business with sustainable workloads

Talent wellness, resources, time, and cost have pushed agencies to be more viable in their search for new business, but not everyone is agreed on the way forward.

Moray MacLennan, Tim Dyson and Vin Murria, AdvancedAdvT

M&C Saatchi and the brutal complexity of (being) bought

Why the hold-up in the takeover process and where are things now? Campaign explains.

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Attention metrics are becoming more nuanced, but are brands ready to use them?

Agencies and tech providers are building a more sophisticated understanding of consumer attention, but they face cultural and infrastructure challenges in convincing advertisers to convert to a new currency.

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How will Apple balance privacy and personalization as it grows ad business?

Industry experts predict how iPhone maker will construct its rumored DSP to appease privacy-conscious consumers, regulators and an ad industry disgruntled by its tracking restrictions.

For Campaign's Deep Dive on new business culture, a man with a wind-up key in his back slumps over his suitcase

Should we be judging agencies on pitch wins?

New business is the easiest metric by which to judge an agency, but is it the healthiest?

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Red state, blue state: How U.S. agencies are responding to Roe v. Wade reversal

Advertising agencies across the country share how they are responding to and navigating the implications of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade on their employees and their businesses.

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‘Another turn around the merry-go-round’: Ad industry both relieved and frustrated by Google’s extended cookie deadline

Industry experts dive into the factors they believe informed Chrome’s latest delayed cookie deprecation and the fallout it will cause.

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Social media platforms still failing to enforce protections for LGBTQ users: GLAAD

A recent study shows that five major social media platforms are not protecting LGBTQ users, despite making policy commitments.

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How a pharma company created an in-house creative team from scratch

Unlike many brands that take a hybrid approach, this company is committed to a 100% in-housing model. The GM of marketing tells us how it’s done.

Virtual Chipotle location in Roblox environment

How brands like Chipotle and Duolingo are driving brand love on Roblox

Roblox is the next big platform for driving consumer interaction with brands. But they can’t do it on the cheap. Brands will have to put the work in to impress customers with immersive and customizable experiences.


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