Shola Aminu

Treating DE&I with the respect it has earned

Setting DE&I leaders up for success.

Headshot of Jenn Szekely

Why mascots still have brand magic

By embracing mascots as dynamic ambassadors, brands can stand and foster more emotional connections.

Headshot of Mark Weinstein

How to craft a platform with staying power

Steps to crafting a platform that defines your brand’s essence.

Two Gen Alpha girls sharing meme on phone

Marketers must learn to understand Gen Alpha’s humor, attitude and lingo

PRWeek’s Diana Bradley tries to make sense of the group’s first big meme, and she urges marketers to follow suit.

Headshot of Laura Mignott

Making a big impact with a small budget this holiday season

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to bring a smile to people’s faces and create positive associations for your brand.

Headshot of Clare Hines

The visibility of women’s sport is changing the game

Brands need to seize the opportunity as increased coverage and availability of women’s sports supercharges fandom, writes Clare Hines.

Headshot of Bonnie O’Hara

It’s time to break the format on event sponsorship

Before committing marketing budgets to logo placements and pouring rights, brands must first challenge themselves to understand the cultural landscape of the event, and their community within it.

Golden Bachelor car

Why the Golden Bachelor is a go-to play for marketers to connect with 50+ consumers

Here’s why media companies are heavily courting 50+ viewers.


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Image of Alex Causton

HIV and me: how advertising can end the stigma

With World Aids Day taking place next week, it’s time for the industry to do more to support people living with HIV.

Headshot of Maggie Malek

How hiring veterans can improve agency culture, increase diversity and boost business

Military experience comes with technical, leadership and team-building skills. The marketing industry could benefit from ramping up efforts to recruit vets.

Headshot of Jennifer Hahn

Communicators are well-equipped to address the threat of antisemitism. Now it’s time to act

PR pros must use their skills to address how antisemitism is held apart from other forms of racism and injustice, says Fenton’s Jennifer Hahn.

Nathan Friedman

DEIB needs a rebrand to incorporate neurodiversity

It’s almost 2024. It’s time to add accessibility to the equation.

Marty Davies

Let's try for Bi

How can we take on the creative challenge of Bi+ representation?

Headshot of Craig Elimeliah

Navigating the ad world as a Jew during Israel’s crisis

Balancing personal emotions with professional objectivity.

Headshot of Maria Teresa Hernandez

3 ways brands can make real progress against Hispanic media goals

In this case, progress is definitely preferred over perfection.

Headshot of Aaron Walton

It’s right to be civil

In defense of putting our defenses down.

Headshot of Lisette Arsuaga

Inclusive marketing: embrace or cancel?

A new study reveals what consumers really think.

Headshot of Danny Gonzalez

Hispanic Heritage Month-ish: A time of general confusion

Marketers want to talk to Hispanics, but grouping us by that term is not the answer.

Headshot of Joel Rodriguez

Finding the Latino in the Austrian

Speaking through, not to, U.S. Hispanics/Latinos.

Headshot of Tahlisha Williams

Courage over complicity: Addressing the DEI&B crisis in ad agencies

After three years, the 4A’s still finds a significant lack of diverse representation at the most senior levels of agency communities.

Headshot of Chris Evans

Pride 2023: Coming out while leading an agency

Three tips for making it easy for those who are closeted to come out at work.

Pride buttons

Pride Month is too quiet

Here’s how marketers can fight fear and fatigue.

Ali Wong and Tiffany Haddish

Studios must do better at promoting shows to diverse audiences

For every hit show created by underrepresented people, there’s another of equal quality that receives critical plaudits only to get abruptly canceled without a word about why or how.

Chinese-styled Burberry scarf

Why so many Western brands get it wrong when talking to APAC audiences

Too often, global brands opt for a cultural shorthand in Asia, causing misappropriation or offence through lazy use of tropes, says this design expert. Here's how to avoid it.

Headshot of JJ Schmuckler

The ad industry must stem the rising tide of Anti Semitism in the U.S.

A call to action to close out Jewish American Heritage month.

Headshot of Thomas Pardee

The most urgent lesson of brand allyship: Hold the line against opposition

For LGBTQIA+ customers, the stakes are high and the ball is in Target's court.

Headshot of Carolyn Lok

Yes, Asian Americans are still here. Did you forget us?

We don’t just exist during the month of May.

Headshot of Micaela VanderMost

Pride starts now for brands that mean it

The stakes are higher than ever in 2023.

Headshot of Maria Vorovich

Craving human-centricity? Remove war language from your brand’s vocabulary

Military language proliferates in marketing culture – and the nature of these words carry impact.

Diverse portraits of business people
Headshot of Libby Brockhoff

Creatives need to take up the trans cause

Our industry depends on people who redefine living.

Headshot of Joanne Chan

The duality of women’s history

During this year’s Women’s History Month, the CEO of global design firm Turner Duckworth reflects on the unexpected support systems that made her the person she is today.

Black and white fedora hats on contrasting background

Wearing two hats is the uniform agency leaders need

Agency leaders that wear two hats are often the best equipped, well-rounded and prepared for any situation.

Headshot of Harsh Kapadia

How “cultural MacGyverism” unlocks diversity’s full power

The best creative minds are adept at applying cross-cultural insights to navigate the challenging world of advertising.

Abstract art of female faces

But She Still: A poem

In this poem, Sarah Collins, copywriter at Partners + Napier, encapsulates how women have always pushed through obstacles — and calls for future generations to rise and do the same.

Headshot of Larry Woodard

Why diversity and inclusion is so hard

The answer is simple — but it is also so difficult that it might very well be impossible.

Black History Month flag

Gen Z's unwavering expectations for brands during Black History Month: Action over performative allyship

Gen Z’s expectations for how brands should activate around Black History Month has influenced a larger consumer expectation. It’s time for brands to revisit their commitments made in 2020 and lead with action instead of false promises.

Headshot of Justin Roberts

No matter the size of your budget or agency, real DE&I impact is possible

We found ways to prioritize funding and staff time to deliver the impact we needed.

Headshot of Dena Mekawi

Reclaiming our identity: How Arab culture has been misrepresented

There is a lack of infrastructure for brands to authentically connect with Arabs and Muslims in America.

Headshot of Dylan Conroy

How to thrive, not just stay dry, this January and beyond

There are many of us in this community who are willing to help.

Bad Bunny performing in Mexico City

Titi Me Preguntó: What are the multicultural marketing takeaways from Benito for 2023?

Here are four lessons from the Year of Benito to create successful Hispanic engagement in 2023 from Andy Checo.

Headshot of Mohammadpour

The financial impact of well-being and the employee experience

Replacing employees can be costly for companies, meaning there are clear benefits to keeping staffers’ career, emotional, financial, mental and physical well-being in mind, says Chasing the Sun’s Mark Mohammadpour.

Headshot of Meg Ryan

How to diversify the Super Bowl ad directorial roster

As women and minority viewership grows, diversity remains scarce among the pool of Super Bowl commercial directors.

Headshot of Seth Epstein

Formulation, concentration and the three-headed llama

How to solve the cultural gap between creative and production.

Headshot of Ezinne Okoro

Lessons for the industry from advertising’s first female copywriter

A passionate feminist with unconventional and radical views for her time, Helen Lansdowne Resormentored and promoted a generation of women to positions of power and prominence in advertising.

Headshot of Nat Resende

Diversity needs more white people

A united and educated front is the only way we'll be able to jump over the barriers often imposed when it comes to featuring us in the work.

Headshot of Geoff Edwards

How to future proof yourself

After more than 20 years in the industry, GALE executive creative director Geoff Edwards discusses how he stays relevant as the marketing world evolves.

Headshot of Genevieve Crain

Community-led creative can better support LGBTQ+ audiences

Diverse, intersectional perspective can lead to creative work that resonates.

Headshot of Silvia Banderas Coffinet

Redefining multicultural marketing as the new mainstream

Brands will win or lose market share based on how well they adapt their marketing strategies to engage, represent and authentically serve a diverse audience.

Desk with laptop, coffee cup, smart phone, and word pad and pen

Death to the RFP

The RFP process is painful, time consuming and traumatic — for all parties involved.

Corina Mihaila Larpin modeling at New York Fashion Week

Is the anti-influencer movement really upon us?

A New York Fashion Week post-mortem from KWT Global’s Jessica Spar.

Ashley Campbell and her two children

How working moms can truly work from anywhere

After an incredible and sometimes challenging month of living and working abroad with my family and young children, I’m here to tell you: DO IT.

Photo of Brittney Griner in Russian jail

Brittney Griner and the girls we forgot to represent

Girls and women who do not fit within the expected interpretation of femininity experience bias and lack of acceptance.

Screen shot from McDonald's Tio Roberto ad

​​Crafting culturally authentic ads that appeal to everyone

When brands speak authentically to a specific population, their ads end up more appealing to the general population than the average ad produced by those same brands.

Headshot of Rob Vélez

Multicultural marketing is mainstream marketing

Hispanic Heritage Month should remind us that multicultural audiences are becoming the mainstream.

Clip art of three question marks in word bubbles

Why does everybody hate advertising?

People don’t just hate us because we bombard them with intrusive advertising; it’s because we don’t talk about them like they are humans.

Headshot of Dan Ezra Gonzalez

Finding solid ground in my Hispanic-Jewish-British heritage

Ezra Gonzalez explores his identity as a British, Jewish and Mexican man living between two cultures — and how his heritage shapes his views on Hispanic Heritage Month.

Headshot of Joe Anthony

Latines can end white cronyism in advertising

The Latin community is a sleeping giant that is about to be awoken, and corporate America must get ahead of its demand for equality and representation.

Woman in college graduation gown in library stacks

Talent? Required. Degrees? Not so much

Can the creative industries solve their culture, talent and inclusivity problems by relying less on expensive degrees and more on things that matter?

Scrabble pieces spelling out "Mental Health Matters"

Advertisers must do more to address the mental health crisis

Brands have a long history of changing perceptions on key societal topics through marketing.

Student with visual impairment using her talking computer and Braille display

Why is accessibility an afterthought for marketers?

Most brands’ approaches to accessibility can best be described as haphazard — but the path is relatively straightforward.

Headshot of Brook Johnston

Perks, profits, and the pursuit of happiness at work

The trickle down effect of a positive work culture will improve every aspect of your business.

Headshot of Mandy Sharp

Quiet quitting? I loudly disagree

"This might be an unpopular opinion, but I don’t get the ‘quiet quitting’ thing," says the chief executive of Tin Man Communications.

Photo credit: Unsplash

Why listening to Black audiences can be just as powerful as advocacy

It's how marketers can develop the empathy, strategy and tactics to effectively advocate on our behalf.

Headshot of Ashish Prashar

We are more than ‘other’

Black and Brown inclusivity is still missing in the ad industry.

Headshot of Carrie Patterson Reed

What’s next?

VMLY&R’s Carrie Patterson Reed writes about how she hopes the industry will learn and move on from the past few tumultuous years.

Headshot of Sarah Baird

Tear up your corporate travel plans after the fall of Roe

The overturning of abortion rights in the U.S. raises big considerations for companies around employee travel.

Headshot of Josh Loebner

The pageantry paradigm

Aligning awards, events and the industry with actionable inclusion.

Headshot of Diana Brooks

In a post-Roe world, we need to be better at marketing healthcare to women

Now more than ever we need to speak more bluntly to women about their health and address some painful facts rather than resort to unhelpful typecasts and stereotypes.

Headshot of Steve Connelly

Why being bold during uncertainty makes you a better leader

The best leaders are those who are not afraid of being wrong.

Headshot of Mike Caguin

Appreciate talent and they’ll appreciate you back

If a little appreciation can go a long way, a steady drumbeat of appreciation can transform an entire organization.

Headshot of Meryl Draper

Speaking for ourselves

It’s more urgent than ever for women to reclaim the narrative around our health.

Headshot of Abe Blackburn

Making social media more welcoming for trans and nonbinary people

Join me in a commitment to flood our newsfeeds with powerful, positive, and truthful representations of trans and queer joy.

Woman working remotely on laptop

Hot employee summer

A guide to working remote and extending a vacation destination effectively.

Hand holding heart in front of LGBTQ+ rainbow

You're the difference

What sets us apart is what can bring us together

Simpsons depression meme with caption "When they ask you to show the new employee around" and text reading "This is where I come to cry" "Cool"

How to get your employees to share fewer depression memes

Since our industry only seems willing to solve problems when they’re in a creative brief format, I gave it a go here.

Lola Bakare

Lessons for marketers from brands that have gotten Pride Month right

Consumers want real solutions — not empty statements.

Headshot of Steve Jun

I challenge my team to be better global citizens. Here’s how you can, too.

For leaders in the ad industry looking for ways to better support the AAPI community and advance broader cultural understanding and acceptance among staff, here’s where to start.

Neon sign of two hands shaking

Creating a more AAPI-friendly workplace

Finding ways to help employees forge connections helps to cultivate a sense of belonging and connectivity, needed more than ever as we continue to adapt to hybrid work.

Headshot of Cathy Butler

We haven’t made enough progress for AAPIs in advertising

2020 was a turning point, but we need more than the energy we create amongst ourselves to rise up and influence change broadly.

Abortion rights demonstrator holding a protest sign featuring a bloody coat hanger and the words "NEVER AGAIN"

Why agencies can’t stay silent on Roe v. Wade

The impending Roe v. Wade court decision is going to make gender disparities in our industry exponentially worse.

Headshot of Sonja Kristiansen

The gender tax: How much are you willing to pay?

Being a woman in the business world levies a mental tax that can ultimately impact productivity and performance.

Headshot of Nat Resende

From misfit to MVP: The audacity to thrive as yourself

Only a mentor who reflected some of my experiences could have helped me navigate tough situations at work without slowly erasing myself to fit in.

Scrabble pieces spelling out "mental health"

Mental health policy and programming in the workplace must play a bigger role as modern workforces continue to evolve

Studies show that top executives have the greatest impact on worker satisfaction and health, from modeling a healthy work-life balance to prioritizing employee health in the workplace, says M&C Saatchi Sports & Entertainment’s Steph Lund.

Gen Z woman working remotely in front of a mountains backdrop

Remote Gen Z

A few workplace shifts could go a long way to retain this younger cohort.

Headshot of Lauren Kruz

We need to do more to uplift freelance artists

Starting with a more equitable pay structure.

Sad woman sitting on bed next to empty crib, miscarriage concept

Let’s normalize miscarriage leave policies

As common as miscarriage is, strong workplace policies that support employees and their partners when they experience this loss are unfortunately not.

Woman wearing shirt that reads "mental health matters"

We need to walk the walk on mental health in the workplace

When companies stress and reward productivity, it’s easy to ignore individual needs in an effort to be valued.

Headshot of Jen Zimnowski

‘Thanks’ just isn’t enough

We need to recognize women for their contributions and ensure a road without obstacles to the top.

Headshot of Caroline Dettman

Why the out of office alert is out of touch

We need an unbiased phrase that recognizes that we get to step away from work — no matter where our work takes place.

Evin Shutt

Freedom, flexibility & recovery

72andSunny CEO Evin Shutt explains how the agency is adapting its policies and benefits to better support employees.

Headshot of Grey Group's Yolanda Haynesworth

Does anyone really get DE&I?

It’s clear that many people don’t truly understand what DE&I means, Grey Group’s Yolanda Haynesworth writes.

Derek Newberry, senior director, org and culture design at Co:collective.

How to do organizational purpose the right way for your people

If being purpose-driven is all the rage, why do we seem more disengaged and disconnected than ever at work?

Michael Watts, CEO, Hook

Why I gave my entire agency one month off – no strings attached

Burnout is real, but it’s also avoidable.

Jenn Renoe

The power to raise change

It’s our responsibility to support transgender employees.

Dylan Conroy, Chief Revenue Officer, The Social Standard

A reflection on Dry January, from a sober media sales guy

There is tons of creativity in client entertainment that doesn’t involve drinking.

Do the WeRQ

In 2022, we're queer – but are we really here?

In the pop culture machine of Adland, LGBTQ+ contributions still aren’t fully realized.

Simon Fenwick 4As

​​More talk, more action

Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging is a business imperative.

getty images

Why the Great Resignation is a Great Opportunity

Don’t dodge the unfamiliar or unexpected; that’s how opportunity is packaging itself these days.

Dania Aguayo, VP, multicultural and brand strategy, Hero Collective

Why not capitalizing “Brown” erases cultural history

Keeping “Brown'' lowercase is another attempt to strike out cultural experiences that define our beliefs, attitudes and values.

getty images

6 ways brands can reach Asian communities

Not doing so will impact their bottom lines.

Jen DaSilva, President, Berlin Cameron

Has the pandemic set back my path to vulnerability?

Vulnerability is necessary, especially in the moments when it’s raw and feels impossible to share.

Making advertising work for working moms

We need to make it easier to be a working mother in all businesses, including ours.

Credit: Courtney Hedger

Forging a grateful future

Expressing genuine appreciation became personal practice and a business strategy for me during COVID-19. I hope we’ll all keep saying thank you – and meaning it – moving forward.

Chief Everyone Officer

The new CEO

Michael Roca, managing director, multicultural media planning and buying, PHD USA

US Latino stories…¿Adónde estás?

US Latinos have become a demographic force to be reckoned with, but there is still a noticeable absence in stories that genuinely reflect their culture, realities and aspirations.

Myron King, chief integration officer, VMLY&R

Retaining BIPOC talent: It’s more than money

Higher titles and compensation are easy ways of explaining BIPOC job movement, but they are an oversimplification.