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I challenge my team to be better global citizens. Here’s how you can, too.

For leaders in the ad industry looking for ways to better support the AAPI community and advance broader cultural understanding and acceptance among staff, here’s where to start.

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Your brand doesn’t feel right anymore. What now?

What to do when who you are isn’t who you want to be.

Diverse female business professionals talking at work

Do you know the females of the future?

“The Future Majority” are younger and more diverse than ever – and they will lead on economic decisions in the future.

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Trust, community and dopamine. Oh my!

Younger generations will invariably find trust, information and connection within their own communities.

Campaign Savvy wordmark with headshot of Campaign US editor Alison Weissbrot

Humanity trumps sentiment scores in times of war

Brands are again walking a tightrope between fiduciary and moral responsibility as the crisis unfolds in Ukraine.

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Marketers: it’s time to block and tackle

Brands need to strike the right tone ahead of the Super Bowl.

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The hidden strength of Super Bowl ads? Diversity

Black people starred in every one of the most effective ads at last year’s big game.

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NFTs, crowdfunding and activist investors: A new world for brands

As NFTs and Web3 take off, brands must understand the impact of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).


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Creating a more AAPI-friendly workplace

Finding ways to help employees forge connections helps to cultivate a sense of belonging and connectivity, needed more than ever as we continue to adapt to hybrid work.

Headshot of Cathy Butler

We haven’t made enough progress for AAPIs in advertising

2020 was a turning point, but we need more than the energy we create amongst ourselves to rise up and influence change broadly.

Abortion rights demonstrator holding a protest sign featuring a bloody coat hanger and the words "NEVER AGAIN"

Why agencies can’t stay silent on Roe v. Wade

The impending Roe v. Wade court decision is going to make gender disparities in our industry exponentially worse.

Headshot of Sonja Kristiansen

The gender tax: How much are you willing to pay?

Being a woman in the business world levies a mental tax that can ultimately impact productivity and performance.

Headshot of Nat Resende

From misfit to MVP: The audacity to thrive as yourself

Only a mentor who reflected some of my experiences could have helped me navigate tough situations at work without slowly erasing myself to fit in.

Scrabble pieces spelling out "mental health"

Mental health policy and programming in the workplace must play a bigger role as modern workforces continue to evolve

Studies show that top executives have the greatest impact on worker satisfaction and health, from modeling a healthy work-life balance to prioritizing employee health in the workplace, says M&C Saatchi Sports & Entertainment’s Steph Lund.

Gen Z woman working remotely in front of a mountains backdrop

Remote Gen Z

A few workplace shifts could go a long way to retain this younger cohort.

Headshot of Lauren Kruz

We need to do more to uplift freelance artists

Starting with a more equitable pay structure.

Sad woman sitting on bed next to empty crib, miscarriage concept

Let’s normalize miscarriage leave policies

As common as miscarriage is, strong workplace policies that support employees and their partners when they experience this loss are unfortunately not.

Woman wearing shirt that reads "mental health matters"

We need to walk the walk on mental health in the workplace

When companies stress and reward productivity, it’s easy to ignore individual needs in an effort to be valued.

Headshot of Jen Zimnowski

‘Thanks’ just isn’t enough

We need to recognize women for their contributions and ensure a road without obstacles to the top.

Headshot of Caroline Dettman

Why the out of office alert is out of touch

We need an unbiased phrase that recognizes that we get to step away from work — no matter where our work takes place.

Evin Shutt

Freedom, flexibility & recovery

72andSunny CEO Evin Shutt explains how the agency is adapting its policies and benefits to better support employees.

Headshot of Grey Group's Yolanda Haynesworth

Does anyone really get DE&I?

It’s clear that many people don’t truly understand what DE&I means, Grey Group’s Yolanda Haynesworth writes.

Derek Newberry, senior director, org and culture design at Co:collective.

How to do organizational purpose the right way for your people

If being purpose-driven is all the rage, why do we seem more disengaged and disconnected than ever at work?

Michael Watts, CEO, Hook

Why I gave my entire agency one month off – no strings attached

Burnout is real, but it’s also avoidable.

Jenn Renoe

The power to raise change

It’s our responsibility to support transgender employees.

Dylan Conroy, Chief Revenue Officer, The Social Standard

A reflection on Dry January, from a sober media sales guy

There is tons of creativity in client entertainment that doesn’t involve drinking.

Do the WeRQ

In 2022, we're queer – but are we really here?

In the pop culture machine of Adland, LGBTQ+ contributions still aren’t fully realized.

Simon Fenwick 4As

​​More talk, more action

Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging is a business imperative.

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Why the Great Resignation is a Great Opportunity

Don’t dodge the unfamiliar or unexpected; that’s how opportunity is packaging itself these days.

Dania Aguayo, VP, multicultural and brand strategy, Hero Collective

Why not capitalizing “Brown” erases cultural history

Keeping “Brown'' lowercase is another attempt to strike out cultural experiences that define our beliefs, attitudes and values.

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6 ways brands can reach Asian communities

Not doing so will impact their bottom lines.

Jen DaSilva, President, Berlin Cameron

Has the pandemic set back my path to vulnerability?

Vulnerability is necessary, especially in the moments when it’s raw and feels impossible to share.

Making advertising work for working moms

We need to make it easier to be a working mother in all businesses, including ours.

Credit: Courtney Hedger

Forging a grateful future

Expressing genuine appreciation became personal practice and a business strategy for me during COVID-19. I hope we’ll all keep saying thank you – and meaning it – moving forward.

Chief Everyone Officer

The new CEO

Michael Roca, managing director, multicultural media planning and buying, PHD USA

US Latino stories…¿Adónde estás?

US Latinos have become a demographic force to be reckoned with, but there is still a noticeable absence in stories that genuinely reflect their culture, realities and aspirations.

Myron King, chief integration officer, VMLY&R

Retaining BIPOC talent: It’s more than money

Higher titles and compensation are easy ways of explaining BIPOC job movement, but they are an oversimplification.

Credit: Wesley Tingey

Approaching planning like a GPS

Why marketers need to ditch the annual planning cycle.

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Pausing our collective urge to Ted Lasso

Please, I beg of you, not so fast.

Marina FIlippelli, CEO, Orcí

We don’t care what you call Hispanic Heritage Month

We care that you “celebrate it” (and us) by doing something meaningful.

Getty Images

I was a young ad exec working in Midtown when the planes hit

Here are a few life lessons I carry 20 years later.

Eric Rojas, co-founder and CCO, Six+One

To make real change, agencies must commit to a cause

Agencies should be defined by the causes they support as much as the clients they represent — maybe more so.

Eva McCloskey, managing director, Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts

Home alone: lost and found in New York

The story of a trip on home turf to nowhere to reignite inspiration.

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How can you tell a diverse story without diverse storytellers?

Many of us are overlooking people with neurodifferences.

Jessika Janene, VP, creative director, Chemistry

Transitioning towards truth

As an individual, an industry and a community.

Let’s talk about sex

An LGBTQ+ education for brands

Where are all the Black-owned creative agencies?

Stop paying lip service to agency and supplier diversity — just start hiring.

Jim Misener, principal/president, 50,000feet

The future and you

As we re-imagine our lives after the pandemic, there’s no better time to reflect on our role in building environments where everyone can thrive.

Fatherhood: from a Black Father’s POV

Black leaders at VMLY&R share what fatherhood means to them.

Lorraine Twohill, chief marketing officer, Google

All in, together

By sharing what we have learned, we call on the industry to tap into our collective responsibility to make work where everyone feels seen.

Michael Roca, managing director, multicultural media planning and buying, PHD USA

Can we finally leave the marketing calendar behind this Juneteenth?

Representing Black culture is a social responsibility and a business imperative that goes well beyond the 30-some days currently allotted to it.

Calling all learners

Learning is how you develop great relationships and make incredible creative work that wins.

How to hybrid

The changing face of the agency office.

Macaela VanderMost, executive creative director and founder, Newfangled Studios

The ally marketer's guide to queer subculture on TikTok

A letter from the desk of a lesbian creative director.

Sitting Still

The transition back to the office will hopefully leave us with a work experience that melds the best of both worlds.

Cathy Butler, CEO, Organic

What’s your origin story?

We need to create opportunities to give voice to others to ask and share their own origin stories.

Having urged everyone off the sidelines, it’s time we heed our own advice

We need to act with urgency without mindlessly rushing forward, issuing statements for the sake of appearances. Words matter, but actions matter more, say True Mosaic cofounders Emily Graham and Bia Assevero.

Nami Soejima, SVP of strategy, UM

Being an Asian woman executive in the United States

The combination of bamboo and glass ceiling make it incredibly difficult to climb to the top.

AAPI Representation on screens and in the boardroom

While Asians might over-index at senior- to mid- levels and below, there’s not enough representation at the very top.

Credit: Anthony Tran

We may be breaking the stigma, but we still need to fix the system

Have we really made much progress in supporting or addressing the actual mental health of our colleagues and employees?

Raising the voices of Asian women in media and technology

In my country, when you are ignored, you try harder and shout louder.

Credit: Alex Pasarelu

Marketers: It’s time to start being real with moms

Motherhood is just one part of our identity.

This Cinco de Mayo, do more than just sell beer to the Latinx community

This past year has provided great examples of how brands can push culture forward.

Credit: Leon Overweel

'Latinx' and its role in authentic brand strategy

Hispanic identity is complex, fluid and continuously evolving.

Julia Huang, CEO, Intertrend Communications

Beyond hashtags: Solidarity against Anti-Asian violence

Let’s take this opportunity to start a genuine effort to end systematic racism in our industry and country.

Racism is a virus, not Asians: #StopAAPIHate

Recent egregious events in Atlanta are the culmination of centuries of discrimination against Asian-Americans – brands have a responsibility to step up and take action in the same way they did around the Black Lives Matter movement.

A challenge to our industry from an invisible minority

The AAPI community’s existence cannot be conditional or dismissed.

Credit: Etienne Girardet

Talent is the Answer

Strategies for attracting and retaining talent today.

Michelle Tang, CMO, Digitas North America

We belong in the C-suite

It’s time for Asian Americans to speak up.

Credit: Unsplash

For Women, ‘doing it all’ comes at a cost

When your normal sanctuaries are off-limits, how do you make time for yourself?

Companies need to think carefully about hybrid work models

If employers are really committed to a hybrid workplace, they will ensure remote workers are treated fairly.

Starting your first job in a pandemic

Gen Z is entering the workforce remotely — and it hasn’t been easy.

Reinventing the office

A year of lockdown has reshaped the industry — in some cases, for the better.

No time to waste: We must get women back into the workforce

Three things the ad industry can do to stem COVID’s setback of women in the workforce.

Getty Images

Building on the momentum of Black storytelling

The appetite for Black stories has crossed over to mainstream appeal.

Addressing agency burnout

As most of us continue to work from home, agency leaders must focus on our people.

Credit: Taylor Nicole

Generosity is a leader’s best quality

All leaders should be re-examining their own styles this year with an eye toward generosity, understanding and humanity.

Christian Juhl on why leaders should encourage positive agitation

We need to preserve our ability to respectfully disagree, for the sake of better creativity.

PJ Pereira, co-founder and creative chairman, Pereira O'Dell

The awakening of my immigrance

I realized how important it is to claim your identity, so others can see theirs not as a source of weakness, but strength too.

Valerie Moizel, CEO/CCO, The Woo

Here’s the advice that gave me the courage to buy out my partner during a pandemic

If you stay open to learning new things, especially in times when it may seem terrifying, your career can evolve in ways you never would have imagined.

Credit: Zachary Kadolph

What brands are missing about women and COVID-19

Added burdens are slowing even Super Moms down, but marketers can help

Why working moms shouldn't play by the rules

Pumping milk in a grim closet three times a day (maybe crying, maybe on conference calls) is a working mom's reality, says Green Stone's CXO.

CES and women: It's about contribution

The conference was a very different place in one important way: I wasn't outnumbered on the showroom floor like I have been in the past, says a managing partner at Collins.

The Case for Experience in 2018

Here are three areas that RAPP's global CEO is resolving to be more tuned into, and part of the solution for.

4 lessons for male mentors who work alongside women

Without men, we can't make our workplaces safer and more equitable for women, says Eleven's chief growth officer.

Curious Collaborators: the new agency rock stars

In an environment where change and innovation are valued so highly, we need to hire people who aren't spending their days defending the way things are done, says RPA's COO.

How to make your agency extraordinary

Employees and clients need to know agencies are serious about protecting our greatest assets: each other.

Create entertaining, sexy ads to lure millennials...or let them do it for you

The truth is, this coveted cohort is open to advertising--if they're getting something back for it, says 9GAG's chief operating officer.

Women in advertising: what the glass ceiling gave us

It's imperative that we're honest about how discrimination is still impacting women in the workplace, says Quantcast's VP of marketing.

Your career is a collective effort

Arnold Worldwide's new U.S. CCO gives credit where credit is due.

No, let's not take a step back

Hey, "Big Picture Guy," your timing stinks.

What marketers can learn from Lavar Ball

The retired football player and founder of Big Baller Brand is proof that you don't need an MBA to be a successful marketer, writes mono's creative director.

Why innovation stalls without diversity

Leaders who want to drive innovation through diversity need to be willing to expose themselves to some discomfort and awkwardness, writes Mirum's head of client services.

How influencer marketing created a disaster in the Bahamas

The Fyre Festival was billed as a luxury Coachella, but famous Instagrammers ended up promoting a nightmare event, writes the president of Pure Growth Consulting.

Top 10 talks of TED2017: It's going to be OK, folks

O&M London's chief strategy officer shares his takeaways from the TED2017 conference, and explains why there is still cause for optimism.

A rebuttal to Steve Connelly: Remote talent can define culture

There can be communication challenges, but you can achieve 'togethering' with a virtual employee structure, writes the co-founder and CEO of Clever.

How to have a killer career without killing yourself

Advertising is worth getting up for in the morning. But it's not worth dying for--even a little bit at a time, writes the retired CCO of Phelps.

Save the people: The environmental movement needs a new tagline

It's time for brands and nonprofits to step up and create demand for climate action, writes the managing partner of Oberland.

When black and brown is not enough

Pepsi's epic failure is emblematic of the problems of a monocultural workplace, writes the founder and CEO of Reframe The Brand.

This Equal Pay Day, work to align perception with reality

Only 23 percent of women in media, advertising and creative positions believe that their pay is equal to their male peers, writes the president of Domus.

If 50 is the new 40, then what does that mean for 40?

There is an ongoing perception that being young equates to digital prowess, but experienced candidates also know how to get a project across the finish line, writes the global chief experience officer at SapientRazorfish.

Why an 'orchestrator' may be a CMO's most important hire

Collaboration is the golden word, but how do you get everyone working in harmony to do the best for the client, asks the founder of Sunday Dinner.

Embrace RealEquality and redesign the future to be as much female as it is male

Unless a more hands-on approach to equality is adopted, not even our kids will live to see it. It's time to start mobilizing.

How Cannes is opening the door to women in creative

The benefit of even the smallest moment of networking for anyone who feels professionally isolated is transformative, writes the global chief strategy officer of BBH Group.

Leaving the US: What to expect from a job abroad

Those serious about undertaking such an adventure should look beyond the glamour of an exotic move and get practical, writes the founder of recruitment firm Sasha the Mensch.

ANA report: A cure for what ails you?

Crossmedia's managing partner and co-founder reviews the ANA's prescription for media transparency

With creativity first, business will follow

Creative directors shouldn't just run departments. They should lead the whole damn thing, says Mark Figliulo