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What winter? Big brands are diving into warm Web3 waters

The “crypto winter” is pure misdirection; there is a flurry of activity going on.

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A framework to define authenticity in marketing

How can brands develop work that is considered authentic if they don’t know what authenticity means? Here are five characteristics to consider.

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Production representation in the boardroom isn’t optional anymore

Filmmakers, storytellers and crafters are the team bringing the client’s idea to life.

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What I learned leaving the agency world for tech

And what I'm up to now that I’m back.

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Brands can be better Latiné allies by embracing what matters to us

In their efforts to avoid controversy, brands are ignoring issues that Latinés care about.

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Why the part-time creator is your company's secret weapon

The future of work is digital, co-created and shared. Why wouldn’t you want employees at the center of this movement at your organization?

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Is the World Cup worth the investment for brands?

Between human rights violations, a corruption scandal and a global recession, the 2022 FIFA World Cup soccer tournament poses a tricky balancing act for advertisers.

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It’s time to reconsider influencer exclusivity demands

By pushing exclusivity, brands may actually be hurting their own influencer marketing efforts.

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Community-led creative can better support LGBTQ+ audiences

Diverse, intersectional perspective can lead to creative work that resonates.

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The AI Bill of Rights is Toothless Tiger

Now let’s grab it by the tail.

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How brands can combat a recession through Singles Day

The managing director of Hylink on three takeaways for brands this 11/11 season.

Brian Owens, SVP strategy, VMLY&R Commerce

Why Black dads are a major missed opportunity for the holidays

Black dads are tech-savvy, mobile-first and engaged in holiday shopping for their kids.

Midterms 2022

Political advertising debases our profession

The current state of political advertising exploits and hardens the coarseness of our civil discourse.

Provocative Minds

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The rise of the real ad

Consumers don’t want overproduced social media imitations from brands.

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Advertisers must do more to address the mental health crisis

Brands have a long history of changing perceptions on key societal topics through marketing.

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You have to be bored with advertising before you can change it

As an industry we have settled into a comfortable rut, decades in the making.

People and Culture

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Redefining multicultural marketing as the new mainstream

Brands will win or lose market share based on how well they adapt their marketing strategies to engage, represent and authentically serve a diverse audience.

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Death to the RFP

The RFP process is painful, time consuming and traumatic — for all parties involved.

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Is the anti-influencer movement really upon us?

A New York Fashion Week post-mortem from KWT Global’s Jessica Spar.


Twitter Musk

Musk’s Twitter takeover is a real-time case study on the future of social media

Twitter has a unique opportunity to reimagine its role in the future.

Logos of media service providers, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and Hulu are displayed on the screen of a television as a woman holds up a TV remote

What Netflix can learn from Disney

Netflix made the world fall in love with streaming. But can it make people fall in love with Netflix?

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Don’t advertise on Netflix ... just yet

Despite the hype, Netflix has a long road ahead to develop a strong platform that’s in the best interest for brands and advertisers.


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Elon’s $44 billion bet on Web3

Elon Musk will use Twitter to put the world on blockchain.

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Creative data is an underutilized weapon in brand building

Data is still viewed by some as the enemy of creativity. But used correctly, it can elevate brands out of a sea of sameness.

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Why the West must look to the East for the future of creative commerce

The global CEO of VMLY&R Commerce explains why they're looking to markets like China and India for guidance and inspiration.


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