Campaign Savvy wordmark with headshot of Alison Weissbrot

Hold the applause: Is award-winning purpose work making a real impact?

Brands continue to be recognized by big award shows for purposeful work, but these eye-catching ideas often end up having no impact on real people.

Ad for Secret Cinema's immersive Guardians of the Galaxy experience earlier this year

What the Secret Cinema deal means for the future of immersive entertainment

Secret Cinema’s growth trajectory is set to be supercharged by its recent deal with New York-based TodayTix, so what lies ahead?

Tariq the "Corn Kid" eating corn

Is your brand as smart as a seven-year-old?

Brands should embrace the positivity, joy and humanity that the Corn Kid brought to all of our lives.

Harjot Singh, Global CSO, McCann

Heritage brands and the power of deliberate creativity

Brands need the courage to step away from the familiar into that fertile territory for innovation.


Bottle of Hellmann's mayonnaise

The 'p' word: What we should consider when we talk about purpose

The strategy director at Forsman & Bondenfors makes a case for the very purpose of purpose.

Headshot of Cremilda Daniel

Kanye West and Adidas feud is a wake-up call for all brands and PRs

It’s no secret that black culture remains, and has always been, the blueprint for popular trends in fashion, music and art, to name a few.

Logos of media service providers, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and Hulu are displayed on the screen of a television as a woman holds up a TV remote

What Netflix can learn from Disney

Netflix made the world fall in love with streaming. But can it make people fall in love with Netflix?


Scrabble pieces spelling out "Mental Health Matters"

Advertisers must do more to address the mental health crisis

Brands have a long history of changing perceptions on key societal topics through marketing.

Headshot of Craig Allen

You have to be bored with advertising before you can change it

As an industry we have settled into a comfortable rut, decades in the making.

Headshot of William "Bill" Bernbach

Where is our generation’s Bill Bernbach?

What if we took a page from Bernbach’s playbook and brought creativity and analytics together to inform marketing choices.


Headshot of Sebastian Schichtel

Why the talent crisis has been positive for wasteful new business pitches

As talent remains scarce, agencies must consider more carefully than ever which pitches they want to deploy their resources for.

Humpty Dumpty egg doll broken into pieces

It’s time to put Humpty Dumpty back together again

When it comes to creative and media, agencies must break down false dichotomies and restitch the parts of our industry that need restitching.

Person wearing a virtual reality headset pointing at projection of abstract shapes and colors

Striving for sustainability? Consider this before jumping into the metaverse

Why your metaverse activations could foil your net-zero emissions plans.


Hand holding laptop with Netflix logo on screen

Don’t advertise on Netflix ... just yet

Despite the hype, Netflix has a long road ahead to develop a strong platform that’s in the best interest for brands and advertisers.

Headshot of Matthew Sweeney

We need a united front to overcome streaming video’s complexities

Until we upgrade our standards and technology, mutually accepted third-party verification will be a key solution underpinning accurate measurement.

People walking past CNN+ billboard

Streaming isn’t dying; consumers just know what they want

In today’s news landscape, landing a story placement on any large network streaming platform should be considered a top-tier placement.


Student with visual impairment using her talking computer and Braille display

Why is accessibility an afterthought for marketers?

Most brands’ approaches to accessibility can best be described as haphazard — but the path is relatively straightforward.

Headshot of Brook Johnston

Perks, profits, and the pursuit of happiness at work

The trickle down effect of a positive work culture will improve every aspect of your business.

Headshot of Mandy Sharp

Quiet quitting? I loudly disagree

"This might be an unpopular opinion, but I don’t get the ‘quiet quitting’ thing," says the chief executive of Tin Man Communications.


Unilever Smart Fill

Why the West must look to the East for the future of creative commerce

The global CEO of VMLY&R Commerce explains why they're looking to markets like China and India for guidance and inspiration.

Sign reading "For hire"

Go fishing for digital talent during the tech crash

Hiring freezes and layoffs permeating Big Tech provides the ad industry with an opportunity to get on the digital offense. Here’s how.

Person wearing VR headset

The metaverse is more than just a playground

Brands must start seeing virtual worlds as a tool to fix real-world problems.


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