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A black and white picture of Conny Braams of Unilever

Unilever’s Conny Braams: ‘Trust not crypto’ should be currency of Web3

Braams has also taken on new role at FMCG giant to mark convergence of marketing and sales.

Alcatraz escape mystery may have just been solved with facial-recognition tech

Accenture Interactive shop Rothco has gone all Poirot...

How AI helped Unilever discover 'breakfast for dessert'

The FCMG giant's global head of insight has co-written a book on AI in marketing. But what has Unilever learned

'Will Marcel replace creatives?': Sadoun faces deluge of questions from Publicis Groupe staff and clients

Just after the launch of Marcel, Publicis chief executive Arthur Sadoun was bombarded with questions from a packed room of

Code-phrases on Siri and four more things brands should know about from Apple's WWDC 2018

Y&R London's creative technologist has distilled the top takeaways for brands from Apple's developer conference so you don't have to

Satya Nadella aims to make Microsoft the most ubiquitous AI platform for businesses

Microsoft's new sense of purpose is to democratise elite AI-technology, its chief executive Satya Nadella told VivaTech 2018.

Here's how Publicis Groupe's AI-powered solution Marcel will look and work

Publicis Groupe has unveiled its much-anticipated AI-powered platform Marcel at its VivaTech event this morning in Paris.

How brands can keep their identity while using Alexa's voice

One of the challenges faced by brands looking to build a presence on Amazon's voice platform, Alexa, is the difficulty

How Nissan used AI to boost conversion rates in one market by 900%

Nissan has been on a mission to consolidate its global digital presence onto a single platform, Nissan Pace.

Shut your eyes and trust in me

What will happen to brands and advertising when virtual assistants do all our shopping for us?


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