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Adblock Plus creates feature to stop Facebook tracking you across the web

Spurred by the recent outrage over the misuse of Facebook's data by Cambridge Analytica, Adblock Plus has introduced a feature

Google nearly doubled the number of bad ads it took down in a year to 3.2 billion

In 2017, Google removed 3.2 billion ads that violated its policies, nearly double the 1.7 billion it removed the year

Google turns Chrome's ad-blocker on: what to expect

From tomorrow Google will turn on the ad-block function on its Chrome browsers which will turn off "bad ads".

Google now lets you mute ads that are 'following' you and trials ad blocker on Chrome for Android

Google has rolled out an update that will let users mute "reminder" ads in apps and websites that partner with

Adblock Plus cracks how to block Facebook ads

Adblock Plus has managed to overcome Facebook's last move to block ad-blockers thanks to a filter that allows it to

Facebook: engaged in an endless ping pong battle against ad-blockers

Facebook bats back in ad-blocking 'ping pong'

Facebook is winning the war on ad-blockers, according to Adblock Plus, but the arms race is set to continue as

How Group M's new digital sheriff will enforce law and order online

Brand-safety tsar John Montgomery is charged with ensuring that the WPP network's clients aren't among those spending billions on ads

Facebook to make desktop ad-blockers ineffective

Facebook has taken the step of rendering ad-blockers ineffective on its desktop website by making them "indistinguishable" from non-commercial content,


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