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Dentsu eyes driverless cars as important advertising medium

The company does not want to be left behind as mobility innovation opens up new ways to reach consumers.

CES 2018: The year when the voice-activated IoT lineup finally spoke to me

From faucets that listen to TVs that watch you back, even smarter appliances are on the way.

CES 2018: Artificial intelligence needs to get to know you better

In order to better predict users' needs, AI is hungry for more, and more personal, data, say experts from Amazon,

Why voice technology is a marketer's new best friend

Digital assistants like Amazon's Alexa and Google Home strike a balance between disruption and utility, says RAIN's director of technology

How data can save our cities

There is more we can do to avoid a repeat of tragic recent events.

Portable pirate radios from Isobar keep cyclists safe on the road

, Isobar for 98FM

Brazil's 98FM lets bikers hijack its airwaves to keep oblivious drivers at bay.

Get ready for the era of mixed reality

For brands, transformation should be about combining the online and offline worlds through technology to make consumers' lives easier, Abi

Facebook's AR plans have the industry in a tizzy

We asked the industry what updates from Facebook's Developer Conference F8 they were most interested in, and the responses were

What the Burger King internet-of-things ad portends

The recent Burger King advertisement intended to hijack your Google virtual assistant is a feature, not a bug.

Putting people first in a post-privacy world

People overwhelmingly say they care about protecting their data, but they just aren't engaged enough to take control, writes the


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