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Why experiential marketing is a must-have for Google and Netflix

Digital brands, such as Google and Netflix, don't have a physical presence in the real world so experiential marketing is

Brand slam: Google vs Amazon

Online heavyweights Google and Amazon are impressing their tech-savvy audiences with innovative experiences that put a fresh spin on their

Winter Olympics 2018

How mixed reality could be the winning formula for sport

It's only a matter of time before mixed reality technology features far more prominently in fans' experience of football matches

Why a jar from the Marmite Store is worth more than a regular jar

Forward-thinking FMCG brands are using the high street as a venue for retail experiences so innovative and exciting that consumers

The future of cinema: will all recorded entertainment be experienced?

In a shopping mall far, far away, MKTG's managing director wonders whether the success of the Star Wars: Secrets of

Embrace the new ROI - return on involvement

Customer experience will soon be the key to corporate survival says Jack Morton Worldwide's senior vice-president, executive creative director

Tech trends shaping the future of events

As brands look to incorporate more tech into their experiences, Kim Benjamin explores what we can expect from tech in

Why Marks & Spencer and Shelter turned to VR

By using technology M&S and Shelter were able to bring home the reality of being a homeless family at Christmas.

How Fanta elevated Halloween with its '13th floor' VR experience

Fanta turned its focus to experiences away from TV campaigns to make its brand more relevant to 16- to 19-year-olds.

Augmenting creativity: how brands can use AI to fuel creative experiences

The trick is combining AI skills effectively to create amazing personalised experiences, says Imagination's group chief technology officer.


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