Is digital advertising really paying its due?

Maryland’s tax on digital advertising might be well-intended, but it could set a dangerous precedent.

AOL brings header bidding to mobile with Smart Yield

AOL has beta-launched Smart Yield, an in-app, mobile-first, header bidding solution.

US ad tech 'bros' are mocked mercilessly in this British parody film

Sonobi, a header bidding provider, follows its "Beware of the Bro-bots" campaign with "The Yank."

E3 is Christmas for YouTube advertisers

Trying to reach gamers on mobile might not be the best idea. During the run-up to E3, anyway.

Havas launches 'fully transparent' programmatic platform

Havas has launched what it claims is a "fully transparent" software platform for clients to "track and monitor" the programmatic ad-buying process "for the first time."

Google's AdSense to crack down more precisely on publisher violations

Ads will soon be pulled from specific pages that run afoul of the rules.

P&G's media overhaul could be the catalyst to change ad industry

No company is watched more closely than Procter & Gamble because it's the world's biggest advertiser, and major change is coming to the way it manages media, Tom Denford says.

Brand-safety concerns fail to harm tech giants' results

Boycott all you want. The duopoly is doing just fine.

Advertisers stay faithful to online ads, despite mounting concerns

WFA advertiser members were quizzed on their views regarding online advertising and their investment intentions for the year ahead. This is what the survey found.

Digital ad industry can't grow without proper measurement

If the ad industry doesn't find a way to measure performance accurately and consistently, P&G's threat to pull spend from digital advertising will be just the tip of the iceberg, warns Kantar Media.

Programmatic as an arbitrage model - the myth dispelled

We don't just buy inventory at one price and sell it on for another, writes Xaxis' UK managing director.

Listen up! Why digital audio is set to experience a creative revolution

Global's creative director says we're just at the start of an audio revolution and she has examples to prove it.

It's time to break up the Facebook-Google duopoly

In an era when two companies seemingly own the customer, it's no wonder marketers are seeking the elusive "third option," writes the chief strategy officer at iCrossing.

How to keep advertising relevant? Go back to moving people

Following last night's inaugural Brand Film Festival London, co-chair of judges Nils Leonard says we must accept the world hates advertising in its traditional form and aspire to a different, more ambitious style of storytelling.

Taco Bell is shifting its ad spend from digital to TV

At 4A's Transformation, CMO Marisa Thalberg said the brand has to "figure out how to use digital more effectively."

Google shouldn't let a good crisis go to waste

The company needs to give brands the visibility and transparency they deserve, writes the founder of The&Partnership.

Programmatic: Guilty until proven innocent?

Like it or not, programmatic is here to stay and all parties need to collaborate around improvements, writes Group M's global chief digital officer.

YouTube advertisers, are you feeling lucky today?

Advertisers and agencies that want to reap greater rewards from ad automation should not have to accept a certain element of toxic risk.

3 things CMOs need to know to avoid ad misplacement

Tips for chief marketing officers who want to mitigate the risk that their ads will appear next to unsavory content.

Accenture Interactive looks to set up in-house trading desks for clients in threat to agencies

Accenture Interactive is in talks to set up in-house media trading desks for a number of clients as the consulting giant's digital arm threatens to move further onto the ad industry's turf.

Almost one-third of programmatic ads violate IAB guidelines, study finds

Slow load times and disruptions can hurt publishers' return-on-investment.

The big adland divide: Culture vs. collateral

The industry is splitting into agencies that make marketing collateral and those creating culture, says Adam & Eve/DDB's David Golding.

Jaguar Land Rover calls global media review and resumes online advertising

Jaguar Land Rover, one of several brands caught up in a row about inadvertently funding extremist websites through online advertising, has called a global media planning and buying review.

An ABC of header bidding

A 4-step guide to bringing more value to your programmatic buying.

Agency rebundling is the future, not the past

By minimizing the number of competing P&Ls on their roster, clients are closer to knowing who and what delivered marketing success, writes the chief operating oficer of RPA.

Demystifying measurement in influencer marketing

We know influencer marketing works, but results aren't easy to quantify, writes the founder and chief innovation officer of Clever.

Tinder adopts programmatic advertising

The dating app partners with Facebook's Audience Network.

Why you should keep your tech partner close and your agency closer

As the lines between agency and technology partner grow ever blurrier, the risks of transparency issues grow, writes the president of SourceKnowledge.