Amazon trophies

Meet the 2023 Amazon Ads Partner Awards winners

Award-winning campaigns were celebrated at the Partner Awards Gala in New York.

Headshot of Tom Hunter

Five ways to make brand execution more sustainable

Marketers must genuinely communicate their brand’s commitments and progress to avoid falling behind competitors.

Meta Pioneers event

How generative AI is empowering marketers

Reshaping the future of the industry and boosting human potential.

The Brandtech Group

Mitigating bias in AI

Strategies for using automation equitably.


AI and Creativity: The opportunities and challenges ahead

Bolstering creative outputs in an automated future.

David Roddy, Memphis Grizzlies

Winning the next wave of sports fans

R/GA highlights how to meet today’s fans at the intersection of sports, culture and technology.

AFDS panel

Sustainability and digital advertising — ad execs question whether regulation will be required

At the 2023 Ad-Filtering Dev Summit, industry leaders discussed new ways to embrace growth and good.

Headshot of Mike Baranowski

Mastering brand media measurement

Collective Measures' Mike Baranowski outlines exactly why measuring brand media is becoming a treacherous task, how to navigate a new measurement approach and the benefits it will bring to any brand.

State of the Whole Brand cover photo

How to predict market success with a single number

Barkley’s 2023 State of the Whole Brand report unveils the power of Whole Brand Thinking.

Amazon Ads Partner Awards trophies

Amazon Ads Partner Awards reveal 2023 finalists

Entries were invited from all regions of the world

Woman wearing glasses with Allison agency logo superimposed

Navigating the future of marketing and communications: Allison’s rebranding journey

Embarking on a transformative rebranding journey, Allison (fka Allison+Partners) sharpens its focus on technological innovation, creativity, global impact and the relentless pursuit of new offerings that drive meaningful impact for clients.

Office workers celebrating in a boardroom

Maximizing data’s value as an enterprise asset

Eyeota lays out the three areas executives should look at to unlock greater value.

Technician working on computer

How predictive modeling solves for the loss of identifiers

Big changes within digital media doesn’t mean a return to spray-and-pay ad tactics.

Headshots of Amanda Fell and Alison Weissbrot

Addressing discoverability and churn: The current state of streaming

Amanda Fell, VP, Business Operations at Wurl discusses streaming, challenges facing the market and the role AI might play in its future.

Group discussion being filmed at Cannes

21Fathoms healthcare summit kicks off at Cannes

The series, launched by 21Grams, brings leaders from across the industry together to address the biggest challenges holding creativity back in healthcare advertising.

21Grams group discussion

21Fathoms healthcare summit kicks off at Cannes

The series, launched by 21Grams, brings leaders from across the industry together to address the biggest challenges holding creativity back in healthcare advertising.

Astellas Europe's Chelsea Moran; Astellas' Blair Waite; H4B Chelsea's Laura Mizrahi; Havas' Tamara Greene; Light Years' Lucie Greene; Campaign US, Haymarket Media's Alison Weissbrot

The evolving landscape in women’s mid-life healthcare

The past few years have seen a groundswell of change in discourse and understanding of menopause, thanks to outspoken celebrities, menopause advocates and public figures raising awareness.

Beau from Innovid

“The more we get into the consumer mindset, we’re going to see better results”

How can companies leverage measurement innovation?

Brooke from Innovid

“Make every impression work for you”

How do you make measurement intel actionable?

Helena from Innovid

“Think about the business outcomes you’re trying to drive”

We hear 11 game-changing pieces of advice about converged TV measurement

Innovid sponsored panel at Cannes

“We’re seeing really interesting innovations in data-powered creative”

How do you measure creative performance?

Ashwini from Innovid

“Not all demographics are created equal”

We hear game-changing advice about advanced creative

Krista Panoff from Innovid

“The TV ecosystem will thrive through working together”

How can collaboration drive innovation?


“One-offs do not work”: How brands can play in culture

With culture evolving faster than ever, how can brands and artists work together to tap into the Zeitgeist?

Havas cafe panel discussion

How Vanish’s Autism campaign made the world a better place

The team behind Vanish’s award-winning ad campaign, ‘Me, My Autism & I’, outlined how they developed authentic creative that instantly connected with audiences.

Indie and Proud text on coloured background

Indie and Proud. The World's Top Independent Agencies

Poster reading "Fair. For everyone."

Digital advertising: Turning challenge into opportunity

An exclusive salon discussion at Cannes Lions, hosted by eyeo.

Headshots of James Townsend, Hannes Ben and Alison Weissbrot

Actor or ally? How to avoid performative advocacy

Four people, Boles-Marshall, Hall, Kelley and Barrett, engaged in seated conversation

8 billion sources of innovation

Human insight will power the next era of innovation. This Dentsu-hosted gathering at Cannes focuses on how humanity will uncover new opportunities for growth and good.

Headshots of Ed Colflesh and Wayne Cowden

adm Group acquires DASS to bolster digital and shopper engagement solutions

Headshots of Stacy DeRiso and Alison Weissbrot

Dialing up ‘Fame and Flow’: How Initiative is staying on top of its game


“Only as good as the creativity that goes in” Growth in a new era

By merging technology and creativity, the UK is opening up new avenues for commercial success, and the world is taking note. We find out how.

Headshots of Josh Rosenberg, Eli Williams, Fred Cook and Alison Weissbrot

Day One Agency & USC Annenberg on reaching Gen Z consumers

4 people on balcony

Campaign special podcast: Havas on health

“Today, every brand is a health and wellness brand” — Campaign discovers how the Havas Creative Network was able to get in front of the health movement in this exclusive one-off podcast episode, hosted by US editor Alison Weissbrot at the Cannes LIONS festival.

Headshots of Chris Bruss and Alison Weissbrot

Evolving brand storytelling for advertisers: Roku’s Chris Bruss

Headshots of Amy Lanzi and Ted Schadler

Supercharge your customer relationships

Connecting CRM and commerce for maximum impact.

Woman throwing chips into the air

AI 2.0: redefining possible

AI is transforming how marketers can work. Meta is at the forefront of this revolution, and it wants you to be too

Group of people in ride sharing car

The Real-World Numbers Behind Rideshare Advertising

People having a workplace discussion

Employees to executives: Make sustainability commitments real

A new WE Communications report reveals that engaging employees in new ways is key to overcoming ‘green fatigue’ and igniting sustainable change.

Headshot of Dara Busch

Meet our 2023 Inspiring Women honoree: Dara Busch, 5WPR

Dara Busch is Co-CEO of 5WPR.

T-Mobile awards gathering

Awarding the bold and the brave in business

The Unconventional Awards from T-Mobile for Business are back for a second year to recognize the most groundbreaking moves across all industries, from their most innovative customers.

Headshot of Anne Coghlan

The state of sustainable advertising

Campaign Tech Talks Tuning In To TV Measurement logo

The race to find TV’s new currency

Measurement providers offer alternatives during this year’s upfront.

Cara Lewis, chief investment officer, Dentsu Media US

Meet our 2023 Inspiring Women honoree: Cara Lewis, Dentsu Media US

The chief investment officer explains why her mother is her greatest role model and how to deal with burnout.

Headshot of Julian Mintz

How Roku plans to make brands unmissable in TV today

Campaign US sponsored podcast featuring Mar Duermeijer

Revolutionizing advertising with virtual product placement

Campaign Tech Talks Tuning In To TV Measurement logo

The new streaming landscape

How ad-supported offerings will impact investment strategies.

Moms of 5WPR together at work

The impact of representation in PR: Why it matters

Despite not being a high-visibility industry, diversity is just as important in PR as in other parts of society.

Amazon awards

How Amazon Ads partners delivered success

Two hands shaking

Empathy and culture: The keys to successful M&A

Spain-based LLYC has acquired U.S.-based BAM. This video, presented by Agency Futures, the consultancy that advised on and helped close the transaction, underscores the vital role that certain overlooked factors can play in all such unions.


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