LGBT Brands Come Home

As legal and social acceptance of LGBT Americans gains momentum, brands are catching the wave — and sometimes leading the way.

Taiwan approves same-sex marriage; maybe these ads helped pave the way

Following yesterday's historic decision, we look back at brands that have embraced LGBT themes in their advertising.

In Philippines, mobile carrier makes call for LGBT pride

Smart Communications' coming-out tale by Dentsu JaymeSyfu earns raves

Airbnb's Jonathan Mildenhall: The man redefining 'all-inclusive' travel

Diversity is more than just a box-ticking exercise for Airbnb CMO Jonathan Mildenhall, who lives it, loves it and shares his inclusive approach with the world

Sustaining Pride: How brands' approach to LGBT comms has changed and what's next

The devastating mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando only made some brands' support for the LGBT community louder and prouder this month. Yet experts say many companies still have a ways to go

Sir Ian McKellen and Graham Norton star in new Pride campaign

Celebrities urge audience to embrace #Nofilter as a philosophy, not just a hashtag

Ogilvy launches LGBT employee network in Hong Kong

An internal effort to champion workplace inclusion is also designed to help clients understand the market

Rainbow Doritos come out to support LGBT youth

Collaboration with organization It Gets Better is a PR pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

UK's Stonewall group joins call for BrewDog to pull ad over transgender issue

The LGBT rights group has joined a petition urging the brewery to reverse course on a spot it says mocks people who "already suffer discrimination every day"

President of new LGBT industry group: 'We want it to have bite'

Launched in the UK last week, PrideAM plans to expand to the US

In China, LGBT rights get boost from brands

Tech brands that target younger, urban consumers are leading the way

Same-sex marriage supporters celebrate the U.S. Supreme Court ruling. Pic credit: PA Photos.

Diversity should be more than just a buzzword

Only by embracing diversity can marketing organizations stay relevant in today's rapidly evolving society, says Oglivy Pride UK's chairman

Jon Hamm, global CCO of Geometry Global.

Proud at home, silent abroad: US brands avoid LGBT issues overseas

How global companies are winning with a two-faced strategy

Best of the brands celebrating Pride Month

To mark Gay Pride Weekend, Campaign selects the best ads celebrating the LGBTQ community, including Target, Airbnb, Google, AT&T, Chobani and Equinox

Pride campaigns go global this June as Supreme Court decision looms

From the Maytag man to W Hotels, LGBT branding is in the mainstream like never before

The 9 best branded Instagram posts so far

As the commercial floodgates open, a look back at the brands that have already mastered the photo-sharing platform

Marketing to Asia's LGBT community: The power of diversity

IBM Global Leader Tony Tenicela says understanding is key for brands to embrace community

Why it's smart for brands to take a stand on 'religious freedom' laws

Companies said inclusion is key to success for both staff and consumers

How Walmart pushed back Arkansas' religious freedom bill

A similar law in Indiana has prompted a backlash from businesses after critics said it could lead to anti-LGBT discrimination

Transgender branding cracks the mainstream

Jazz Jennings' inclusion in Clean & Clear's #SeeTheRealMe campaign is a pivotal moment for transgender representation

LGBT culture and the mainstreaming of inclusion

Ogilvy & Mather's worldwide chief creative officer looks at LGBT images as one phase in an inexorable march to equality

Alan Cumming PSA challenges blood donation policy

#CelibacyChallenge calls on the FDA to screen all blood donors based on risk, rather than sexual orientation and gender identity.

Tiffany TV ad continues story of gay couple

The jewelry brand builds on its engagement-themed print ads, which included the real-life same-sex couple

American Express gets credit for diversity marketing

AmEx crafts an aggressive marketing plan to connect merchants with hard-to-identify customer segments, such as the LGBT community

Heritage brands open door to LGBT families

As marriage equality gains momentum in the US, new campaigns are setting a place at the table for LGBT households

Tiffany & Co.'s ad features a real-life couple.

Tiffany rose to the occasion

This heritage brand's engagement-themed ad featuring two men was savvy business -- which is why it's important

Stolichnaya 'A versus THE' by The Martin Agency.

Stolichnaya 'A versus THE' by The Martin Agency

Stoli serves the LGBT community videos with a twist


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