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Will Harris: moves into PR

Former Nokia marketer Will Harris goes PR agency-side with Mission

Will Harris, the former Nokia, O2 and Tory party marketer, is joining PR agency Mission in a bid to marry

Switch off, get away from it all, and stop reading Marketing on your holiday

Travelling abroad gives us the chance to recharge our creative batteries by using the free resources that surround us to

Sir John Hegarty and Will Harris

Sir John Hegarty and Will Harris pick their marketing moments of the month

This month's Marketing contributors Sir John Hegarty and marketer Will Harris recount the best piece of marketing they have seen

Will Harris: The truth about lying in salary surveys

Given people's propensity to fib, agonising about how much you are paid compared with others is a pointless exercise, writes

Will Harris: Beware agencies pleading poverty

Clients charged with cutting costs during the recession must be wary of agencies reluctant to trim the flab

Marketing guru: Great planning will be vital in 'empty' 2013

'Unlucky' 2013 will be a battle of the planners, particularly in categories that have gone a bit stale, such as

What should older marketers do when their digital whizzkid colleagues upstage them?

A young digital native regularly upstages their older marketing boss. Trouble is, the CEO has taken a shine to this

Marketing guru: The folly of global TV ads

Global advertising campaigns may be popular with finance directors seeking to save money, writes Will Harris, but they fall flat

Marketing guru: What if my overseas boss doesn't understand the UK market?

Applying global brands 'with a trowel' in different markets is outdated, writes Will Harris, but what do you do if

Will Harris: former marketing director for Nokia

Marketing Guru on... why meaningless brand surveys do not matter

The heyday of the meaningless survey is over, writes Will Harris, so it's time for marketers to convince their chief


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