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Literary insights - 25: Circles of Hell

Day 25, book 25. Dante's masterpiece contains, among many other things, the most compelling account ever written of the horror

Literary insights - 24: The Gate of the Hundred Sorrows

Day 24, book 24. Rudyard Kipling's stories offer a lesson for marketers in the importance of close observation.

Literary insights - 23: The Tinder Box

Day 23, book 23. Hans Christian Andersen's story is the perfect parable for the malfunction, in business, of the creative

Literary insights - 22: How a Ghastly Story was Brought to Light by a Common or Garden Butcher's Dog

Day 22, book 22. For all the arching scale of brands and their ideas, brand building is often about teasing

Literary insights - 21: Trimalchio's Feast

Day 21, book 21. Petronius' book is an outrageous lesson in the need for brands to establish a level of

Literary insights - 20: The Communist Manifesto

Day 20, book 20. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels offer a fundamental lesson in the importance of difference, and the

Literary insights - 19: Olalla

Day 19, book 19. Robert Louis Stevenson's novella offers lessons on how to balance purity and diversity in the open

Literary insights - 18: Jason & Medea

Day 18, book 18. Apollonius of Rhodes's writings show the importance of motive in marketing.


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