Oranger than fiction: The night the bubble burst

Trump's strongest supporters dwelled in filter bubbles as impenetrable as the wall the president-elect might want to build on our southern border, writes the CEO of Havas PR North America.

Fake election news on Google prompts a quick response

Facebook isn't the only platform defending itself against an onslaught of misleading articles from bogus sites.

Did Hillary Clinton cost herself the election by ignoring digital media?

The Democratic presidential candidate needed every millennial vote she could get, yet her campaign overwhelmingly focused on TV, writes the founder of TYT Network.

The lesson from losing: Know your customer

The real failure of the Clinton campaign was that it didn't understand--and ignored--the pain and disenfranchisement of ordinary Americans, writes the founder of Barker.

Fear and anger trumped hope and pride

The president-elect's closing ad used emotional cues in abundance, while Hillary took a more quiet, confident approach, writes the founder of HonestAds.

Trump tax reform could cost the ad industry $169 billion

An all-GOP government may reverse new overtime rules and FCC privacy rules, say industry leaders.

#HELLECTION: 5 irrevocable lessons from the election from hell

What was once described as a healthy democratic system turned into all-out social war, writes Deutsch's EVP, group strategy director.

How advertising failed Hillary Clinton

She had a $100 million advantage and Madison Avenue's coolest kids in her corner. And yet...

Social media predicted Trump's victory

Social media came of age in correctly predicting the outcome of the US election, writes Andre van Loon, research and insight director at We Are Social.

Trump's victory: The night a machine predicted humans better than the humans

Havas built an AI tool for ITV News that predicted Donald Trump would win the US election. The machine wasn't affected by political bias.

Advertising and media investors overseas react to Trump victory

A remarkable upset has little immediate impact on European advertising stocks, but roils Dentsu in Japan.

5 creative ways brands helped Americans vote on Election Day

How to be genuinely patriotic while trying to sell more stuff.

Even Clinton put Election Day on hold for the #MannequinChallenge

The latest trend to consume social media is sweeping up brands, agencies and candidates.

7 social media lessons from the 2016 presidential election

It wasn't pretty, but the Clinton vs. Trump battle offered a case study in how (not) to act online.

On election eve, Johnnie Walker airs a stirring rejection of Trump's vision

No candidate is named, but the brand makes its values clear in its latest "Keep Walking" spot.

Rock the Vote will give voters exclusive music at the polls

Activation using location-based technology will stream new music on Election Day.

Fallon: Not cool, but super close to 'safe, politically stable' Canada

Deadpan 'recruitment' video strikes at the heart of election anxiety.

A lost dog unites Trump and Clinton supporters for Pedigree

BBDO New York sends a golden retriever to candidate rallies to "vote for good."


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