Six things that all conferences should do

More marketers are running their own event or partnering on them. Make the most of the opportunity with our guide to attracting, engaging and immersing conference goers ...

Seven activations that made C2 Montreal a truly "experiential" conference

Forget the content. Wandering the conference floor was worth a session of its own

Who gave the best talk at C2?

Campaign asks people to share their top lessons

Video creators: The mavericks of the future

At C2, YouTube stars talked about the nature of their celebrity and how to grow an audience

Beth Altringer, Lecturer on Innovation and Design at Harvard University.

What can behavioural science tell advertisers?

Harvard lecturer Beth Altringer on why brands should care about desirability

"We're in the rejection industry": Will Travis, CEO of Sid Lee USA

Find out why success is openness to change, how rejection is the cause of disruption, and why brands need to join in the conversation

Hypertelling, social responsibility and disruptive women: C2 Montréal in quotes

C2 Montréal is drawing to a close. It's been an immersive three days filled with insight, inspiration and ice cream. We've put together our top quotes from the event

All working in intimate groups, the workshop is designed to allow business leaders to tackle topics head on, openly and creatively.

The core pillars to a successful brand partnership

Brand partnership models are changing. It's a more complex process now, and in the age of The Many, a lot of brand partnerships out there are much more than just a marketing stunt ...

Really serious questions in very quirky places

We ask about entrepreneurship, getting the best out of people, being creative and telling a good story. All in odd places

Reaching younger audiences: 'It's not about being on brand anymore'

Tara Hunt, principal consultant at Truly Social, explores what brands can learn from the new generation of YouTubers

How not to engage audiences

Sid Lee CEO and C2 creator Jean François Bouchard on why brands shouldn't think in terms of 'consumers' when they're creating experiences

Finkelstein...“It’s probably the most exciting time ever to be an entrepreneur”

Anyone can be an entrepreneur, even a 13-year-old wannabe DJ

Technology has opened doors for many driven individuals who wouldn't have had the opportunity to realise their dreams previously ...

Brain dating in under 60 seconds

The future of networking is brain dates. Sounds cool, but what does it mean? We ask Jean-François Bouchard, creator of C2 ...

Robert Masse talks to workshop participants at the C2 conference

Surviving the cyber attack of tomorrow

We have to change the way we think about cyber security - it's getting a lot worse ...

'Collaboration should be like an earthquake': Michel Laprise

Cirque du Soleil writer and director Michel Laprise tells us about the secrets to unleashing creativity and the importance of loving people at work ...

'Dull, drab and uninspiring' (said no one at C2 Montréal)

We ask people at C2 to describe the three-day conference in three words. Here's what they said ...

9 written notes from strangers that will make you stop and think

C2 is filled with labs designed to stimulate the participant's senses and inspire new ideas and creativity. One lab invites participants to write down their ideas. Here's a selection that will inspire you:

Imagine something that doesn't exist ... but should

We steal five minutes with Emily Chang, chief commercial officer at Intercontinental Hotels Group, in Greater China. Find out why having the best Nasi Goreng is so important...

Why marketing is indefinable

Michael Birkin, CEO at kyu, a collective of creative companies, talks candidly about creativity and collaboration ... and predicts the future of the industry

Host, Ivan Wicksteed talks to Emily Chang (l) and Carla Zakhem-Hassan, about how to inspire employees

'Brand management: We don't know what that means anymore'

Everything's changing so fast that brands need to create at the speed of the consumer, be more nimble. And, in fact, find a work-life balance. Wisdom and insight from two of the world's biggest brands at C2 Montreal ...

Mike Yapp.

The death of the audience: Google's Mike Yapp

We caught up with Mike Yapp, founder and director, The Zoo at Google, to ask three key questions: How will VR change the media industry? And what's the next big trend? And just what is "hypertelling"?

Jean François Bouchard presented a workshop on how brands can engage customers

Five ways to bring your brand to life

C2 creator and Sid Lee CEO Jean François Bouchard presents a workshop on how brands can engage customers in more meaningful, immersive and intimate ways ...

'Creativity is the willingness to look like an idiot': Lakshmi Pratury

Lakshmi Pratury, founder and CEO of INK, India's foremost platform for cutting-edge ideas and inspiring stories, is at C2 Montréal ... acting like a child and asking stupid questions

Forget storytelling. 'Hypertelling' is the future, says Google Zoo founder

At C2 Montreal, Mike Yapp explains how technology is driving a narrative leap akin to the printed word

"Having no friends made me more creative"

What makes you creative? What makes a good story? We asked creative strategist and writer Justin Kingsley at C2 Montréal

Grindr CEO and founder, Joel Simkhai, talks to the audience at C2

'Be scrappy,' says Grindr founder

Grindr CEO and founder Joel Simkhai told the C2 audience how to build an app

When companies strive to do good, 'scale is your friend,' says Etsy CEO

Chad Dickerson tells C2 Montréal big corporations needn't be bad

Tim Brown, CEO at IDEO, revealed his company's unconventional way of life

Agility and friendship: The pillars of success

Here's why creativity thrives through friendship, collaboration... and a leap of optimism

Meet someone new under an umbrella. Take a walk in the (artificial) snow and see what comes of it… it’s what thousands are doing at C2 this week

Are you at your creative best under an umbrella?

How do you entertain, nurture and challenge 5,000 people? When C2 is in charge, it's attention to detail and risk-taking.

'Getting social right is easy ...' Entrepreneur Mark Brand reveals his secret

Campaign talk to Mark Brand, a social entrepreneur and co-founder from Save On Meats at C2 Montréal

Gaming, sport, entertainment ... Is this Cannes Lions' future?

Campaign meets David Davies, Cannes Lions' managing director of content, at C2 Montréal to find out what's happening at this year's Festival of Creativity

Cannes Lions' content director kicks off C2 with business case for awards

David Davies singles out Heineken, Volvo for work that moves hearts and product

Five things to get excited about at C2 Montréal

C2 is three days of innovation and inspiration that'll boggle your mind. It's a lot to take in - but Campaign's on the ground in Montréal with the highlights

Above…a net, suspended 18 feet in the air, challenged participants to express their ideas while feeling physically at risk

The quirky, wonderful and eye-widening world of C2

Say goodbye to stale buffet food, dowdy carpets and middle-of-the-road speakers. C2 is the first conference of its kind...

What's so unique about C2?

Beyond curating inspiring speakers and attracting the right participants, what can a conference do to meaningfully and creatively connect people?

Welcome to the three-day immersive event that will transform the way you do business

C2 brings together Commerce and Creativity to explore trends, opportunities, disruptions and major shifts on the horizon.

This is where more than 5000 decision makers and creative minds unite collectively shape, experience, and challenge the future of business.

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