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Pip Bingemann

Media Director, Cutwater

Pip is a communications strategist with 9 years of media experience and has a proven record of successful and impactful campaigns recognized as best in class, nationally and internationally, at Cannes, the Global Festival of Media, MFA, IAB and AIMIA awards. With a solid understanding of consumer behavior, data and client needs, he is methodical in his approach to communications. Starting his career at Ikon, where he was responsible for delivering great thinking across global brands Vodafone and Coca-Cola, Pip was enticed to join Bohemia in 2012 and worked across a range of clients from Aspen Pharmaceuticals, Pandora, Twitter, Travelcorp, Unicef and Lion Nathan.
In a joint venture between Cutwater and Bohemia (media Agency of the Year in Australia), Pip has moved to San Francisco to help build Cutwater’s media offering to inspire stronger communication results for clients by fusing creative and media thinking. This relationship has enabled Cutwater to offer full service communication solutions for clients.

It's time for challenger brands to challenge the upfronts

It's time for challenger brands to challenge the upfronts

The yearly broadcast pitch is stacked in favor of media agencies and brands with big budgets, writes the media director of Cutwater.


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