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John Cunningham and Thomas Stelter


John Cunningham
As global CTO, John surveys the technological landscape of our agency to align our technology with our creative vision. Working with major clients like McDonald’s, Audi, Pearson and Unilever, he’s well versed in crafting experiences in both digital and physical environments. His background in electronic design gives him a unique perspective on technology as it intersects with both UX and creative. 

Thomas Stelter
As VP of emerging solutions, Thomas is responsible for POSSIBLE's strategic partnerships with Amazon, LinkedIn, and Salesforce. He focuses on extending their offerings to clients and other partners and developing new services around emerging platforms and technologies.  Thomas has a long history in digital strategy and product management for clients like AOL, Hilton, and Office Depot. He travels extensively stateside, lending his expertise to clients, partners, and POSSIBLE’s new business teams across North America. 



Why can't creatives and technologists be friends?

Why can't creatives and technologists be friends?

While the industry embraces data and creativity, it often leaves the tech team behind, write Possible's global chief technology officer and vp of emerging solutions.


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