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Kate Morrison

Head of Production, BBH New York

Kate Morrison is the Head of Production at BBH New York. Kate oversees all productions for the NY office with the goal of making the work as great, dynamic and interesting as possible while helping build the Producers at BBH into the best in the industry. 

In addition to leading the Department, she oversees and manages BBH New York's in-house production offering, Slaughterhouse. Passionate about production, she sees the ability - and the need - of building out an in-house studio as a critical and exciting challenge to keep agency production in the forefront of the media landscape. 

Outside her management role, Kate has also produced award-winning campaigns for Clients including PlayStation, Axe, and Netflix among others. Her work has been recognized by several award shows including Cannes, AICP, The One Show and D&AD. 

Agency production: The soup and the nuts

Agency production: The soup and the nuts

Don't be a TV snob. Truly take into consideration what a client's needs are and how we can find their audience, writes the head of production at BBH New York.


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