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Daniel Dryburgh

Account Manager and Global Team Lead, GlassView

Daniel Dryburgh is the Account Manager and Global Team Lead at GlassView. A recent graduate from the Grainger School of Business at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, he has developed a passion for the development, management and distribution of engaging content. With a diverse portfolio of work experience ranging from corporate fashion to natural resource conservation to travel blogging, he has cultivated the eclectic skill set needed to succeed in the dynamic industry of advertising.

A product of many cities across the world, Daniel has developed the global perspective required to understand what drives the consumer decision making process. Outside of work, he can be found enjoying the outdoors, volunteering with ConSERVE NYC and playing soccer. His passions include sustainable development, travel and all things sport.

Is a Snapchat Super Bowl ad worth $3M?

Is a Snapchat Super Bowl ad worth $3M?

Snapchat's price for two filters tying into the Big Game may not be as crazy as you think, writes a global team lead at GlassView.


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