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Kelsey Hodgkin

EVP/Group Strategy Director, Deutsch

Kelsey joined Deutsch in 2014, drawn by its legacy of great digital work and game-changing thinking. In the past couple of years, she has led strategy on projects as varied as Taco Bell’s, the Angel Soft "Soft and Strong" social stories and the successful Pandora pitch.

Before joining the Deutsch team, Kelsey spent 15 odd years traversing the globe, working at agencies such as BBH London, Ponce Buenos Aires, Modernista! and Mullen Boston. In between collecting a lot of stories and meeting an amazing range of weird and wonderful people, she developed strategies for brands including Diet Coke, Tesco, British Airways, Google, Amazon, Adidas, Toms and American Greetings’ highly-awarded "World’s Toughest Job" campaign.

Throughout her career, Kelsey’s passion has been the art of storytelling. Whether in the realm of advertising, journalism, crafting the perfect piece of clickbait or fashioning fictional children’s tales, spinning words in ways that capture the imagination is something that never gets old. Or less powerful.

#HELLECTION: 5 irrevocable lessons from the election from hell

#HELLECTION: 5 irrevocable lessons from the election from hell

What was once described as a healthy democratic system turned into all-out social war, writes Deutsch's EVP, group strategy director.


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