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Donald Chesnut

Global Chief Creative Officer, SapientNitro

As SapientNitro’s Global Chief Creative Officer, Donald Chesnut leads global multi-disciplinary creative teams that help brands transform their businesses and their relationships with their customers across a range of touchpoints —from digital and mobile experiences to responsive environments to omni-channel commerce and brand communications campaigns, each sharing an approach that reflects his 20+ years in Experience Design: people first.

Donald is passoniate about the role that innovation and technology is having on improving the lives of consumers around the world, and taking this "people first" approach has enabled him to create impact and earn awards for some of the world’s leading brands, including Unilever, Target, Disney, Chrysler, Coke, RBS, Lufthansa, Verizon and Rolling Stone.

Donald recognizes that transformative customer experiences don’t come from a single idea, and he inspires his teams to seek out diverse perspectives. As an executive sponsor and founder of Potential Realized in Diverse Experiences (PRIDE) at SapientNitro, he encourages people to bring their full, authentic selves to work—and in turn bring more to clients. And as a founder and executive sponsor of SapientNitro’s Career Returns program, he is helping to ensure that hiring practices focus on the whole person, where work experience and life experience are both recognized as valuable assets.

Donald is a frequent speaker and published author on the topics of customer experience, innovation and design, and his first book 'UX for Dummies' was published in May 2014.  He was an early graduate of NYU’s pioneering Interactive Telecommunications Master’s Program (ITP), an industry-leading program focused on the convergence of media, technology, art and commerce and was named in Adweek’s Creative 100 in 2016.


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