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Marley Kaplan

Head of Innovation, Kinetic

As Kinetic's Head of Innovation, Marley Kaplan is responsible for infusing innovation into the development of strategies that activate audiences on-the-move. By leveraging her expertise in consumer behavior, emerging technology, and key partnerships, Marley and her team connect brands with consumers in innovative and creative ways.
As a contributing writer and speaker, Marley lends her insight to various publications, exploring topics such as startups, brand innovations, wearable technology, and beyond. In 2014, AlleyWatch named Marley one of the '21 People to Watch in Wearables’ for her consulting work with Intel. 

Why marketers should care about Pokémon Go

Why marketers should care about Pokémon Go

The Nintendo app demonstrates augmented reality's ability to turn the real world into a potent creative canvas for brands, writes the head of innovation at Kinetic Worldwide


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