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Mel Exon

BBH London managing director Mel Exon is also co-founder of the ad agency's innovation arm BBH Labs, driving the creative technology agenda for clients such as Unilever and Tesco.

How HTC's Vive turned me into a Pile of Ham

Technological improvements mean virtual reality is finally poised to move into the mainstream, opening up a world of possibilities for brands, explains Mel Exon.

Google Now: uses cards to distribute information

Cards may be 'the key to the mobile marketing universe'

For half a decade or more, marketers have been told to expect "the year of mobile" as we watch helpful graphs plot an inexorable path to where X marks the spot: the moment mobile overtakes desktop use globally.

Transient social technologies can bring brands closer to consumers

Reading about the recent death of Bert Stern, the photographer most famous for his "last sitting" photographs of Marilyn Monroe, and, closer to home, the advertising shots he took for Smirnoff in the 1950s, you cannot help but admire how iconic his work was, writes Mel Exon.

Android: Google's mobile operating system

Should marketers design for every OS and device, or opt for mobile web?

When choosing between a native app and the mobile web there are some simple questions we should ask, writes Mel Exon.

Google Glass: physically intuitive, emotionally awkward

Why the natural next step in mobile is wearable

A week spent in Mountain View last month gave me an opportunity to try Google Glass. Only made publicly available to a few developers ("Explorers", as Google likes to call them) very recently, media reactions to Glass have set up camp at opposing ends of a scale: naysayers versus evangelists.


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