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Jack Skeels

CEO, AgencyAgile

Jack Skeels is CEO of ad-industry productivity training firm, AgencyAgile. More than 60 agencies now employ the firm’s methods, including 360i, Big Spaceship and FCB. Prior to founding AgencyAgile, Jack led the Los Angeles office of Sapient, managing such client relationships as Cisco, Genentech and Fandango. As VP/Program Management of Global Gaming League, he first deployed agile techniques to launch videogame marketing websites. Jack was CTO of the Patent and License Exchange/PLX Systems, where his teams created SaaS products for such clients as BMG, Disney and GlaxoSmithKline. As a senior analyst in operations research at RAND, he focused on application of organizational, operations and micro-economic research to startups and new ventures. As the co-founder of PDIT (now Modulant), an Inc. 500 technology strategy consultancy with clients including IBM and DuPont, Jack led multiple industry consortia in developing enterprise data sharing technologies, using their proprietary team-empowered training methods.

Agency survival depends on liberating talent

Agency survival depends on liberating talent

Most shops squander talent and leave little room for creativity and growth, writes the CEO of productivity training company AgencyAgile


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