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Carol Cone

CEO, The Purpose Collaborative

Carol Cone is internationally recognized for her work in Purpose and CSR.  Her recently launched firm, Carol Cone ON PURPOSE, marks her return to her life’s passion: to educate, inspire and accelerate purpose programs and impacts for organizations, nonprofits and individuals around the globe.

For over 25 years, she’s embraced a steadfast commitment to building lasting partnerships between companies, brands and social issues for deep business and societal impact. She adamantly feels that today, companies and brands must stand for something beyond the bottom line. When she began her work, companies and brands questioned "if" they should engage with social issues.  In today’s totally transparent, social world, it is now about "how" brands and companies express their values and character through authentic engagement with society.

What cause movements can learn from 'Just Say No'

What cause movements can learn from 'Just Say No'

Nancy Reagan's signature campaign was groundbreaking, sincere and flawed.


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