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Brian Manning

Co-founder and President, Centric Digital

Brian Manning is the co-founder and President of Centric Digital, a global digital transformation firm based in New York City that specializes transforming business models, user experiences & operational processes of traditional companies for the digital age. In 2014, Centric Digital was named #34 on the Inc. 500 list of the fastest growing private companies in the United States including #1 in New York State and #1 in New York City.

In the last 3 years through 2014, Centric Digital has grown over 6800% and is nearing almost 200 global team members. Since its founding in 2009, Brian has been directly responsible for growing Centric Digital’s client base and revenue as well as shaping its brand, implementing and scaling its financial and business operations, and defining its products & services strategy. In addition, as Centric Digital’s Chief Digital Officer, Brian champions digital thought leadership throughout the company, for itsclients including global corporations in healthcare, finance, retail, government entities, and in the marketplace.

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Follow GoDaddy's lead: Skip the Super Bowl

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