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Marian Salzman

CEO, Havas PR

Marian Salzman is CEO of Havas PR North America and chairs the Global Collective, the organizing collaborative of all of the PR assets of Havas.

A case for rebranding the older worker

The industry doesn't seem to have room for many over 40. But once we reach that milestone, invisible can't be the new normal, says Havas PR's Marian Salzman.

Soap star in terrorist social media sex conspiracy scandal

News consumers are increasingly inclined to pay attention to sensationalist items that stir up sensations of fear, outrage, frustration and anger, writes the CEO of Havas PR North America.

My 2017 media resolution: Havas PR's Marian Salzman

The CEO of Havas PR vows to be more mindful this year.

Oranger than fiction: The night the bubble burst

Trump's strongest supporters dwelled in filter bubbles as impenetrable as the wall the president-elect might want to build on our southern border, writes the CEO of Havas PR North America.

Why B2E is the new B2B

The CEO of Havas PR North America on the changing dynamics of business-to-business communications and why "getting human" is more important than ever

Why everyone is voting for me, myself and I

The CEO of Havas PR North America examines the paradoxes of patriotism in 2016

When storytellers become the story: Sean Penn and Rolling Stone

The CEO of Havas PR considers the mix of ego, sensationalism and business savvy that drove this tale to press

Marian Salzman, Havas PR

What a decade of ads say about a woman's place

In his latest show, photographer Hank Willis Thomas stripped the copy from various ads to explore what they say about femininity. Havas' Marian Salzman reviews the result.


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