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Kate Kemp

Kate Kemp’s passion for performing and writing led her from the theatre to the ad industry where, 15 years later, she’s proud to be part of the minority: a female, Hispanic creative director. Currently at Geometry Global, Kate thrives on guiding, mentoring and inspiring others and regularly leads training and inspiration sessions to help creatives find their paths within the industry. Prior to moving to Brooklyn in 2014 to work on the Heineken USA brand portfolio, Kate lived in Dallas, Texas where she gained experience in the digital, experiential and editorial realms. Here, she transformed scrap paper scrawls into full-fledged ideas for a variety of clients including Nintendo, AT&T, Amazon Publishing, Cisco, Hilton Worldwide, Starbucks, PepsiCo, Max Factor, Secret and Olay. She also wrote for multiple magazines including Femme Fatales, Geek Monthly and 944 Dallas and co-wrote/voiced the Level-Update gamer podcast for Maxim radio. Add Kate on LinkedIn to see what she’s up to now.

Do less, brag more and party often

Do less, brag more and party often

Geometry Global creative director gives you three resolutions you can actually keep


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