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Andy Nairn

Andy Nairn is the founding partner of Lucky Generals. Follow him on Twitter at @andynairn.

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How to write a killer presentation

Or the importance of being a Plotter, not a Pantser.

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Fuck you, pitch theatre

Why enforced theatricality has no place in the pitching process.

Four ways you can stack the odds in your brand's favour

It may be something of a dirty word when it comes to business in the Western world but it’s time we had an open conversation about how we can harness the power of luck

An 80-year-old secret reminded me life marches to a slow, steady beat

Good things really do come to those who wait.

The formula for great ideas

In our final 50th anniversary feature, our experts identify the DNA shared by all great ideas

KFC's response to chicken crisis shows confidence in its brand

KFC seems to have struck the right tone in its communications, but more work is likely needed in the months ahead, warns Lucky Generals' founding partner.

The Super Bowl offers universal truths for year-round advertising

Fresh from making a Super Bowl ad for Amazon, Lucky Generals' co-founder shares what the agency learned and how to apply those principles to advertising all year long.

Private-equity owners have the potential to empower marketers

When it comes to private-equity owners it's time to set aside your prejudices, writes Andy Nairn.


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