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Dave Trott

Dave Trott is a creative director and the author of Creative Mischief; Predatory Thinking: A Masterclass in Out-thinking the Competition; and most recently, One Plus One Equals Three: A Masterclass in Creative Thinking. After starting his career at BMP he founded a number of agencies including Gold Greenlees Trott, Bainsfair Sharkey Trott and Chick Smith Trott. CST merged with The Gate in 2011 and Trott left the agency three years later.

A view from Dave Trott: context is all

As a US professor found to his cost, if you're going to call someone Kant, make sure you're doing it in an appropriate setting - a maxim that equally could be applied to our approach to advertising.

A view from Dave Trott: It's artificial but it's not intelligent

When technology fails to show there's something fishy going on, AI leaves us little to worry about.

A view from Dave Trott: The answer asks the question

New questions will bring new answers.

A view from Dave Trott: 'Manners' is the way we should behave

Sting wrote Englishman In New York about Quentin Crisp.

Dave Trott: Thinking like a parrot

As a boy, Richard Feynman and his father used to go for walks in the woods.

Different is worth more

Chris Blackwell was born in Jamaica and went to school in England. When he went home to Jamaica he tried various jobs, but didn't like any of them. The only thing he loved was Jamaican music.

A view from Dave Trott

Mary Miller, a 35-year-old blonde, went up to the eighth floor of the Genesee Hotel, opened a window and climbed on to the ledge.

A view from Dave Trott

On 8 May 1945, Germany surrendered. Japan was still fighting, so World War II wasn't over.

Dave Trott: Students are customers

In 2012, Emma Sulkowicz was raped in New York.

Dave Trott: Give 'Em the old soft soap

In 1957 Dove soap started advertising for the first time. They ran a press ad with a woman luxuriating in a bathful of bubbles. The headline said HEAD OVER HEELS IN DOVE.


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