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Jonathan Nelson

CEO, Omnicom Digital

Jonathan Nelson is CEO of Omnicom Digital where he oversees strategy for Omnicom’s digital assets.. Nelson co-founded Organic, the first interactive agency, in 1993, and served as Organic's CEO for seven years.

Described as a "serial entrepreneur," Jonathan has founded, or played a critical role in, building a number of companies. In 1999, Jonathan took two companies public: Accrue Software, Inc., a web measurement and analysis company that he founded in 1995, and Organic. Later, he guided Organic through its subsequent re-privatization.

Is data killing creativity?

Is data killing creativity?

The CEO of Omnicom Digital examines the right brain/left brain arguments from each side

My Cannes prediction: A union of science and art

My Cannes prediction: A union of science and art

Let's stop competing for attention and budget, and start working together to create transcendent campaigns


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