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Sue Unerman

Sue Unerman is the chief strategy officer at MediaCom. 

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Sex sells: a proposal for sexuality offsetting

Yes, sex sells, but unprotected sex costs lives, curbs choices and represses opportunity, so, just as our industry has adopted carbon offsetting, it should also adopt a sexuality offsetting responsibility.

Instead of segmentation, try inclusion – it will get you more sales

Research has shown that brand share bears little relationship to the segments brands might be trying to attract.

It's time to stand up to bad behaviour

We should nurture a workplace culture where people can call out inappropriate actions with the aim that everyone feels that they belong and can therefore fulfil their potential

The best marketing comes from businesses that commit

There is good reason why the entire business needs to be focused on marketing effectiveness, not simply the marcomms team

When it comes to media plans, don't gamble

Crafting a strong, effective media plan is not about backing one thing over another, you have to challenge everything, including yourself, and create a balance

The single most important factor for transformation might surprise you

When it comes to achieving transformation, there is one route to it that carves through all others, says MediaCom's chief transformation officer.

What working with start-ups might do for you

There is great value in finding the right start-up for your business, but in order to do so, you need the right approach, says MediaCom's chief transformation officer.

Media's existential threat?

There's no need to fear how artificial intelligence, programmatic and other technologies are disrupting the media landscape. Instead, we should welcome challenges to the status quo and old habits, Sue Unerman explains.

How do we decide which decisions to leave in the hands of robots?

Understanding how our brains compare with machines when making split-second judgments is crucial.

Good advertising is a feat of balance

MediaCom's CSO says media planning must balance brand and response advertising

The selfie revolution's impact on modern marketing

Boy George was amazing at MediaCom's Cannes event. In a talk with Steve Allan, MediaCom's worldwide chief executive, he said: "I say to my niece, we had selfies in my day. It's just that you had to get dressed up, get on the bus (in fear of being beaten up if you were dressed like me), go to the train station and take them in a photo booth."

Music to adland's ears

"I think there needs to be a meeting to set an agenda for more meetings about meetings" - Jonah Goldberg.

You're not a planner, you're a lawyer

In June, Google Firestarters invited seven planners to talk about the most useful thing they had learned in their careers.

Isn't a career what you make of it?

Hey, moneymakers, leave the kids alone.

Culture rules us all

Zombies are invading Cannes this year courtesy of MediaCom's partnership with AMC.

What is the spirit of the times?

My regular readers will be aware of the reasons that I missed Google's annual Zeitgeist festival again.

The essential components of a brilliant strategy

The 3 essential components of a brilliant strategy are Tactics, Tactics and Tactics.

How to fix problems that are festering

Have you ever been in a meeting where you felt unable to say what you were really thinking because you knew that it would be unpopular?

Millions of users - is it a stepchange in social?

MediaCom's chief strategist gets down with the kids and Snapchat.


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