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John V Willshire

Al Gore speaking at SXSW

Forget SXSW, it's time brands looked elsewhere for exciting new things

I have always enjoyed reading and listening to the chatter about SXSW from a distance.

Copenhagen: explore by Foursquare

Foursquare: what happens after hype turns to cynicism

After the initial rush of enthusiasm for a technology, product or service has subsided, brands and consumers alike can re-evaluate and adapt to use them most effectively, writes John V Willshire.

Is 3D a waste of time?

Tech: 3D is a technology without vision

In a previous column, I mentioned that I believe 3D remains largely a waste of time. This is a purposefully different statement from 'I think 3D is rubbish', of course, and I thought I would explain why.

Tech: Smart TV or idiot box?

Buying a television is no longer about screen size or resolution, and manufacturers must strive to make their TVs as 'smart' as tablets and other devices

Asos: one of the first brands in Europe to launch an integrated Facebook Store

Tech: How brands could learn from the Vikings

Everyone involved in social networking - users, brands and the networks - is learning as they go, but it doesn't mean having to stick with one option if it's clearly not worth your while.

Tech: The Internet of Things

Explaining the concept of 'The Internet of Things' is difficult, writes John V Willshire, but it revolves around how the maker creates something and the customer brings it to life.

Charging for wi-fi? You might as well try to charge for air

Brands from Virgin Media on the London Underground to my local barber are giving it away.

Tech: Be spectacular to get noticed

Brands must opt for the compelling if they hope to use technology to get consumers' attention

Marketers must do better than simply slap a QR code on ads

The QR code has been a useful tool, but often poorly implemented and frustrating for users. Where is its more intuitive and compelling successor?

Why retailers should set store by data visualisation

High-street chains should make greater use of data that 'lives' in the shop to improve how they communicate with consumers and staff.


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