Does ‘brand purpose’ messaging actually impact consumer behavior?

Vrity's Values Return Index shows taking stances on social issues does increase purchase propensity.

AI bias is not always bad in marketing

Bias is often perceived as a negative, but marketers can exploit it to get results quicker—so long as they understand the limitations, says Appier's chief AI scientist.

5 things brands should know before building a bot

Many brands haven't had the chance to play around with AI tech and are afraid they're falling behind, says Arnold Worldwide's director of digital strategy.

CES 2018: Artificial intelligence needs to get to know you better

In order to better predict users' needs, AI is hungry for more, and more personal, data, say experts from Amazon, Microsoft and IBM.

Why you shouldn't be worried about robots taking your job

Artificial intelligence could make us more creative, says a creative technologist at MediaMonks.

5 questions brands need to ask before building a messaging experience

Having a plan will ensure the experience you deploy will work for you and your brand in the most productive and engaging way possible, says Facebook Messenger's head of business.

Robot overlords or perfect partners?

AI could be the secret to happy, healthy brand relationships, says Phenomenon's strategy director.

Elon Musk is worried about AI. Should you be?

Aside from preventing Armageddon, the creative and marketing industry is responsible for shaping AI in a way that supports the greater good, says Critical Mass' CSO.

AI offers an unprecedented ability to enable creativity for marketers

Don't fear artificial intelligence; embrace it, says Deutsch North America's chief digital officer.

Advertisers are starting to win the war against bot fraud, says ANA

Economic losses are down for the first time in three years, finds a study conducted with White Ops.

US ad tech 'bros' are mocked mercilessly in this British parody film

Sonobi, a header bidding provider, follows its "Beware of the Bro-bots" campaign with "The Yank."

Get ready for the era of mixed reality

For brands, transformation should be about combining the online and offline worlds through technology to make consumers' lives easier, Abi Morrish writes.

Will Amazon devour brands?

Retail is being eaten alive by Amazon and brands could be next, writes the director at Furthr.

What Google Lens means for advertisers

The search giant's AI-driven visual search app gives advertisers new ways to connect with consumers.

How social media is killing your chatbot

Marketers are limiting chatbots by treating them like extensions of their social media campaigns.

Oracle announces new chatbot and AI products

The latest chatbot, AI and orchestration innovations announced today.

ComScore's new free viewability measurements bring a sigh of relief

Agencies cheer, but the announcement could have wider implications for Nielsen and Facebook.

Don't worry (much), AI won't bite

Marketers are excited about the potential of machine learning, but it takes more than enthusiasm to turn the technology into a business advantage, write the CMO and content director of Ready State.

Facebook's AR plans have the industry in a tizzy

We asked the industry what updates from Facebook's Developer Conference F8 they were most interested in, and the responses were AR, AR and more AR.

What the Burger King internet-of-things ad portends

The recent Burger King advertisement intended to hijack your Google virtual assistant is a feature, not a bug.

AI: A creative's worst enemy or best friend?

AI is already proving a useful tool for creatives, but will it end up taking their jobs? Emily Tan steps into adland's automated future.

How automation could make us more human

The rise of the robots should spur us to focus on our machine-beating capabilities, especially creative thinking.

Beyond Mad Men or Maths Men: Unleashing technology for growth

If marketers want to own the future, they need to stop looking to the past and instead look ahead and broaden their ambition for marketing technology, writes the head of innovation at Zenith Media USA.

Tech's new frontier: The human brain

There may come a day when virtual personal assistants live in our brains. What will that mean for marketers?

SXSW diary: Reality and empathy

The footloose globalists are less confident of their position as vanguards of the future, and empathy has been suggested to heal societal divides, writes the director of trend forecasting at J. Walter Thompson.

How may AI help you, sir?

Ahead of SXSW, Poke's Tom Hostler discusses trends around artificial intelligence and what he'll be looking out for at the event.

Should this be the last ever Mobile World Congress?

"Mobile" is no longer about just the mobile phone and neither is Mobile World Congress, writes Manning Gottlieb OMD's head of mobile strategy.

What to think about at MWC 2017

Mobile World Congress is now a must-do in the industry calendar. Havas Media's UK CEO shares tips for what to think about when you go.

CES was smart(er) this year

AI and voice recognition promise to accelerate consumer adoption of smart devices, writes the global CEO of Gain Theory.

The 5 CES products marketers need to know about

We asked media and tech experts which innovations should not stay in Vegas.

4 ways marketers will use tech to engage consumers in 2017

To create communities of believers, marketers need to find new ways to attract consumers, writes the EVP, director of client engagement at White64.

Hourglass brands and blurred reality: The top 5 trends for marketers in 2017

Fjord's chief client officer identifies the most important shifts marketers should make to stay competitive this year.