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Why a wristband helps kids when arthritis is Ouchie!

Pharma (Product innovation)
Silver Lion: Ouchie
Agency: Havas Lynx, Manchester
Client: Chugai/Roche

Arthritis… not just old people get it. But how do you get kids suffering from juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) noticed?

The challenge was to develop a way that a kid could communicate with teachers and carers when their arthritis kicked up, without making it too obvious.

UK agency Havas Lynx collaborated with client Chugai/Roche to use fun, humor and a simple but powerful idea to get the message across.

The solution was simple but effective – the Ouchie rubber bracelet. Looking like a charity bracelet, the Ouchie can be worn with the white side showing when a child is OK, but when they are in pain, it can be turned to show the red side, letting the teacher know.

Havas Lynx also designed the UK's first patient support pack, containing parent and patient guides, storybook and downloadable animation, starring a character named Ouchie who explains JIA to its young sufferers.

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