We'll Call You - Nissan


Marketing's Mystery Caller's old banger is about to fall apart, and we've heard about a government scheme offering us cash to upgrade to a greener ride. Could Nissan tell us more?

Nissan - Good afternoon, you're through to Nissan customer service. My name is [name], how can I help?

Mktg - Hi. I've just seen one of your ads in the paper and I'm a little confused about this Government grant. I've got quite an old car, it's a 1988 Nissan Sunny, and it's a bit of a banger. I'm looking to get a new one, but I just need someone to explain how it works.

Nissan - OK, could I just have your name, please?

Mktg - Yes. [Gives details.]

Nissan - And what is it you'd like to know, [name]?

Mktg - I just need someone to explain how the, I think it's £2000, works, really. Can I trade anything in?

Nissan - Basically, if you have a vehicle 10 years old or more you can exchange that with Nissan with £2000 knocked off the price.

Mktg - OK, and that can be any car?

Nissan - Yes, as you say. It's up to £2000, not £2000.

Mktg - What's the cost of a Micra at the moment?

Nissan - Would it be a three-door or a five-door you're interested in?

Mktg - Probably a three-door.

Nissan - The least expensive one would be £7320.

Mktg - And that's with the £2000 taken off.

Nissan - That would then be £5320.

Mktg - The problem I think I've got is that I'd probably pay to have it scrapped, to be honest. Does that matter?

Nissan - No, but the best thing to do is take it down to a dealership and get them to value it and see how much you could take off the retail price of a Nissan Micra.

Mktg - That would be more like a part-exchange, then?

Nissan - Sort of, yeah.

Mktg - So it could be a maximum of £2000?

Nissan - Anything up to £2000, yeah.

Mktg - Could I give you my postcode and find out where my local dealer is?

Nissan - Yes.

Mktg - [Gives details.]

Nissan - OK.[Provides details of nearest dealership.]

Mktg - Thanks for your time.

Nissan - No problem, sir.

Verdict - Although the call handler was friendly enough, he confused things by saying that Nissan would take £2000 off the price of a new car and then by saying it was 'up to' £2000. Although my car is more than ten years old, I wasn't sure how much money would be taken off the price of a new model, and it sounded as if the scheme was purely part-exchange still. However, the call handler can be forgiven for the confusion, as the government have yet to decide the finer details.


Score - 5/10




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