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Virtual reality: Where it is now, and where it's heading next

A panel of experts recently gathered in NY to explore the VR revolution and the challenges it must overcome

Virtual reality has attracted a lot of attention since Facebook invested $2 billion to buy Oculus, the maker of a crowdsourced VR head-mounted display. Since then Google, Sony, Samsung and Microsoft have made multibillion-dollar investments in the technology, and several high-profile consumer launches are expected later this year.

Consumers experience VR using a headset that covers the user's entire vision, totally immersing them in a computer-generated 3D world.

From a brand perspective, VR offers the opportunity to make deeper, more meaningful connections with your audience. It's already been used by many of the world's leading brands (like Nike and Red Bull) to create impactful campaigns.

In conjunction with creative agency MediaMonks, Campaign US gathered a panel of senior VR experts to explore the opportunities and obstacles of the virtual reality revolution. Here's what they had to say.


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