A vacationer becomes the village photographer in iPhone 7 spot

Greek towns and folk music help Apple showcase Portrait Mode feature

Most vacation photos are taken for a distant audience, to impress people back home with carefree antics and lazy days. But in the latest installment of Apple’s "Practically Magic" campaign, a woman is roped into taking photos for a much closer constituency. Her Yaya loves the iPhone 7’s Portrait Mode so much that everyone in the village ends up clamoring for a turn with the glorified blur effect. Next step, selfies. The soundtrack is by Kostas Bezos, a Greek folk singer who recorded the song "Pame sti Honolulu" (Let’s go to Honolulu) in Athens in the 1930s. Two Greek villages were actually used to shoot the spot, Oitilo and Karavostasi. Previous spots in the series have highlighted other iPhone 7 features like water resistance, low-light functionality and messaging capabilities.