U.S. Senate candidate Gary Chambers smokes a blunt in provocative spot

Chambers' viral campaign video advocates for the legalization of marijuana.

Gary Chambers Jr. is setting the Louisiana race for the U.S. Senate on fire. 

 The ordained minister appeared in a spot titled "37 Seconds," which informed voters on Chambers’ weed advocacy. The title is a reference to the statistic that every 37 seconds an American is arrested for possession of cannabis. 

 In the spot, Chambers smokes a blunt while sitting in an armchair in the middle of a field. He rattles off statistics from the American Civil Liberties Union, highlighting the racial disparity in marijuana arrests. 

"Every 37 seconds someone is arrested for possession of marijuana," Chambers says while a clock ticks in the background. "Black people are four times more likely to be arrested for marijuana laws than white people. States waste $3.7 billion enforcing marijuana laws every year." 

 "Most of the people police are arresting aren't dealers, but rather people with small amounts of pot, just like me," he concludes. 

 The spot has gone viral with more than five million views on Twitter and more than one million views on Instagram.