'Troll Tax' by Baldwin& and Hunter S. & Thompson

A group of agencies is fed up with negative internet trolling and is fighting back with a little positivity. Baldwin& in North Carolina and Hunter S. & Thompson in New York are part of an effort called Troll Tax. Anytime a troll posts negative comment on Twitter, the URL of the tweet can be entered by anyone into https://trolltax.org and donate to various non-profit organizations in the troll’s name. Once the donation is made, users can then tweet a confirmation back at the troll, announcing publicly that their online rhetoric has prompted a donation. Troll Tax supports donations to the following charities: American Civil Liberties Union, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Human Rights Campaign Foundation, Electronic Frontier Foundation, International Center for Journalism, American Refugee Committee, National Public Radio, Zacharias Sexual Abuse Center and Conservation International. Once the donation is made, the user is prompted to notify the troll. This works by responding to the original trolling tweet with a unique URL that names the troll’s Twitter handle. By clicking on the link, the users will encounter a page on Trolltax.org that shows the troll’s Twitter handle, amount of money raised, and any tweets they’ve made that have elicited donations from others.