Toyota 'Fueled by Lemonade' by Droga5

Continuation of series shows how the summertime drink can power a car

Comedian Nikki Glaser stars in the latest installment of Toyota's "Fueled By Everything" campaign by Droga5. The focus of the series is on the automaker's hydrogen powered Mirai model and educating consumers on hydrogen fuel.

Glasser meets some kids who are not killing it in the lemonade selling business. She explains that rather than throw the lemonade away, it can be used to power a car.

Hydrogen makes up two parts of H2O — a k a water — the main ingredient in lemonade. Using an electrolysis machine, the beverage is converted to hydrogen fuel. Learning this, the kids decide to hike the price on their lemonade.

A previous ad also by Droga5 showed how Toyota's Mirai could run on cow manure.


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