Top 10 radio ads of 2016

Marmite, Dove, Radiocentre, Harvey Nichols and Currys PC World are among the brands behind this year's best radio ads.

1. Marmite ‘The Mondays’

Agency: Adam & Eve/DDB
Creatives: Ben Stilitz, Colin Booth
Producer: Mark Hellaby
Sound engineer: Mark Hellaby, 750mph


SFX: Music intro.

VO: Are you experiencing a case of the Mondays? Do you suffer from a once-weekly outbreak of sore personality, swollen mood or inflamed temper? Then Marmite on toast for breakfast could be the pseudo-scientific remedy you’re looking for. It’s anecdotally proven to help families smash through the start of the week. To report a case of the Mondays, call the Marmite helpline on 0800 832 1835.

Hate Mondays. Love Marmite.

Marmite is best enjoyed at breakfast. Breakfast can be eaten any time of day if you get up late enough. Users may experience a 33% increase in pizzazz.

2Dove ‘Self-conscious’

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather London
Creatives: Simon Lotze, Miguel Nunes
Producers: Victoria Smith, Sarah Hall
Sound engineer: David Gritzman, Gramercy Park and H&O


VO: The more someone makes you think about your body, the harder it becomes to ignore.

Your tongue, for example. Usually, you hardly notice it’s there. But when I mention it, you can feel your tongue bumping against your lower front teeth. The tip’s just resting on them. You notice your tongue feels just a little too long for your mouth. And you notice it never really lies still. You move it about constantly, without thinking about it. Backwards and forwards. And from side to side. Suddenly, it feels strangely wet and heavy in your mouth, doesn’t it?

A few seconds ago, you hardly noticed your tongue. But just one message ensured you can’t stop thinking about it. Now imagine the hundreds of messages girls are exposed to every day, subtly changing the way they think about their bodies.

See how you can help at Dove. Be your beautiful self.

3. Flash ‘Colouring book’

Agency: Leo Burnett
Creatives: Matt Collier, Wayne Robinson, Charlie Martin 
Producers: Serena Schellenberg, Adam Furman
Sound engineer: Ed Downham, Wave


VO: Oh no, little Timmy’s got hold of a marker pen. My wall looks like a colouring book. What am I going to do?

(Sung to the tune of Queen’s Flash) Flash!


Cleans up the impossible.

Wow, he’s really made a mess.

It’s a pain but we won’t stress.

In the hall.

He has drawn.


On the wall.

Lots of scrawls.

But we can clean this u-u-up!

(Spoken) Flash Magic Eraser we love you.

(Sung) Flash!


Cleans up the impossible.

4. Currys PC World ‘Bootcamp’

Agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO
Creatives: Charlotte Adorjan, Michael Jones
Producer: Holly Pienaar
Sound engineer: Chris Turner, Jungle


SFX: Muffled military fitness class atmosphere.

VO: Wake up, soldier!

It’s 6.15am.

Balham boot camp.

The pigeons are sleeping.

You wish you were too.

You’re in line with the other squaddies.

PT Full Metal Janet appears inches from your face.

Now drop and give me 20!

Twenty what, exactly?

You can’t tell, there’s so much mud in your ear.

We recommend you go AWOL immediately.

And head down to Currys PC World.

You’ll find more civilised advice on a great range of wearable tech.

Start training on your own terms, with no bombastic brigadier to stamp on your good intentions.

Jog on, Janet.

Currys PC World. We start with you.

5. Harvey Nichols ‘Car’

Agency: Adam & Eve/DDB
Creatives: Jessica Morris, Chloe Pope, Emmanuel Saint M’leux, Simon Pearse
Producer: Kreepa Laxman
Sound engineer: Sam Ashwell, 750mph


SFX: We hear a transcript between a man and an emergency services operator. The man sounds annoyed.

999 Emergency services.

Man Someone just stole our car.

999 OK, where was it stolen?

Man In front of the house. I saw the whole thing.

999 And did the person force entry?

Man She had keys.

999 She had keys? OK. Can you describe her for me?

Man Mid-thirties. Brunette. Really… nice… hair.

999 Can you tell us anything else?

Man Yeah, she was wearing my wife’s leather jacket. She loved that jacket. Hold on… she’s coming back.

999 It’s alright. Just stay with me.

Man Sorry, she’s trying to say something.

SFX: We hear a car pulling up and a door slamming. In the background, we hear a woman’s voice.

Woman I forgot my purse.

Man She says she’s forgotten her purse. Oh, hang on… whoops.

SFX: Hangs up, continuous beep tone.

VO: The new Harvey Nichols Beauty Lounge. Now open in Knightsbridge. Careful, they might not recognise you.

6. Radiocentre ‘See radio differently’

Agency: Lucky Generals
Creative: Yan Elliott
Producer: Joe Bagnall
Sound engineer: Henry Frith, Pure Soho


VO: This song is dedicated to Keith Weed, chief marketing officer of Unilever.

(Sung) You can be the leader.

Keith Weed from Unilever.

We’ve got something for ya.

It can only make you better.

It’s not complicato.

It’s called radio – o.

You can be the leader.

You’re Keith from Unilever.

We’re not here to preach.

About this thing called "reach".

But when you need some traction.

This is your call to action.

You can be the leader.

You’re Keith from Unilever.

This is our story.

You need to be told.

The fact is we’re bold.

In every household.

Now, it says on your Twitter.

You like "all things visual".

But just this once.

Prick your ears for the aural.

Advertise with us.

This request is formal.

And Keithy – baby!

Listen up! Radio is the place to be.

It’s OMG to FMCG.

Why don’t you be the leader.

Oh, Keith from Unilever.

Why don’t you be the leader.

Oh, Keith from Unilever.

(Spoken) So this is our request: see radio differently at

7. Hive ‘Superfast at anytime’

Agency: CHI & Partners
Creatives: William Cottam, Colin Smith, Artem Bjork
Producer: Marianne Paton
Sound engineer: Jon Clarke, Factory


The Bard (sings) This tempo’s way too slow.

To tell you all there is to know.

(Spoken) So I’m going to speed it up.

Here we go.

SFX: The Bard takes a huge breath, then starts a fast version of the song on banjo.

(Sings) When you’re holidaying in Rome.

But you want it to look like you’re at home.

Hive Active Lights will come on at night.

To make your living room nice and bright.

Or if you left for work in a hurry.

And you’re trying to save some money.

Hive Active Plugs let you turn your appliances off.

Whilst you’re having your ear chewed off by your boss.

How about you’re out at a romantic dinner for two.

And you wanna check your kid’s home by curfew.

Hive Active Sensors monitor your front door.

So they won’t be sneaking home late any more.

(Spoken) Phew!

SFX: The Bard then sings the final line in his usual calm, folk-song way.

(Sings) Because with Hive you control your home, from your phone.

(Spoken) From your lights, to your plugs, to your sensors. See what else you can control at

(Spoken fast) Hive products work with the Hive Hub. Requires broadband.

8. McDonald’s ‘Driver’

Agency: Leo Burnett
Creatives: Graham Lakeland, Richard Robinson
Producer: Adam Furman
Sound engineer: Dan Beckwith, Factory


Male driver: The roads have emptied. Only us left. Kids sleeping in back. Cat’s eyes shine bright. White lines roll by. The rhythm of the street lights. Radio hums quietly. Rain starts. Hypnotic wipers. Pull in. Hot latte and apple pie. Ease back into the darkness.

VO: Over 600 McDonald’s open 24 hours. We are awake.

SFX: Five-note McDonald’s sting.

9. Honda ‘CRV Black Edition’

Agency: Radio Clyde Creative
Creative: Graeme McKellar
Sound engineer: Stewart Grieve, Radio Clyde


VO: (slow and deep) Want a sneak peek of the new Honda CRV Black Edition? Close your eyes…

(Very long pause)

The Honda CRV Black Edition. All the power of an SUV. All the clever thinking of a Honda. All in black.

See it for yourself, at Henry’s Honda, Crossmyloof, Glasgow.

10. Audible ‘Where are you?’

Agency: Fold7
Creatives: Gate Lambert, Dan Fryer
Producer: Imogen Bell
Sound engineers: Jim Griffin and Rick Morris, Jungle


Juliet Where are you? Are you in bed?

Or are you leaving the first human footprint on Mars?

Are you jogging?

Or are you about to pull off the heist of the century?

Are you in your car?

Or are you praying those red eyes in the darkness can’t see you?

A voice in your ear can take you anywhere.

VO: Audible. Get your first audiobook for free and feel every word. £7.99 a month after 30-day trial. Starts automatically. Terms apply.

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