TIME THIEF: Omaid Hiwaizi, director, Difference of hhm, takes us through his day

37.5% Board meetings I usually call them bored meetings, but this one got us right inside how we're going to restructure our business, leaving behind the 50s American ad agency department structure we all adopt by default.

21.5% Driving around builders' merchants in a white van, picking up the necessities for the 'Orange Rooms' we are building in our office. They represent the environments our target audiences receive our work in, so we can create and judge it in context. So far, we have a Basildon kitchen and a 17-year-old girl's bedroom.

17.5% Working with department heads We are working on the new version of our job management and tracking system. Software should facilitiate culture, not the other way round. Luckily, we have the resources to write and maintain our own system.

12.5% Meeting the team planning our moving-in party in a week. It's getting scarily near and getting the theme right is everything - it's an Essex (Rd) party. Bobby George, ex-world darts champion and King of Bling, has confirmed, as have 'Posh and Becks'.

7.5% Tidying up the beach scene we put on our terrace for the pitch for a travel agency client last week. We had a lot of fun presenting, and the clients had a holiday experience to remember!

4% Reading newsfeeds and blogs, especially that of a marvellously cheeky, geeky porn writer.



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