Tim Meadows urges men to 'save the future boners' by getting vaccinated

The humorous PSA, created by Quality Meats, warns that COVID-19 can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Men who’ve had COVID-19 are six times more likely to experience erectile dysfunction. It’s a staggering statistic that urologists want more people to know.

In Quality Meats’ PSA, a group of men fondly recall their first erections. One man remembers having his at the library while another experienced his during the 1996 Olympics. 

The guys go on to describe the importance of erections in their lives with one man declaring, "Nowadays, it’s pretty much the only thing that I give a damn about." Another man says his erections are "an extension of myself."

Comedian Tim Meadows also makes an appearance saying, "if I couldn’t have one, it would be devastating. And kind of boring."

The PSA introduces a new organization, Urologists United For Vaccination Education (UUVE), which Quality Meats invented. Urologists Amy Pearlman, Larry Levine and Brian Le, reveal that men who have contracted COVID-19 are six times more likely to develop erectile dysfunction. 

"What are you guys doing? Go get the vaccine. We’re talking about your future boners here," Meadows says. 

The PSA ends by directing viewers to uu4ve.org for more information.