Some things are worth fighting for in Audi's stunning presidential debate tie-in

Venables Bell & Partners recruits action movie veterans to bring a timely metaphor to politically-minded viewers

Shattered glass mends, toppled debris right itself and punches recoil into tight fists as a highly-choreographed fight scene flows in reverse in Audi’s new spot timed for the U.S. presidential debates. The 60-second TV ad from Venables Bell & Partners features plenty of political Easter eggs for careful viewers, from the protagonists’ color-coded accessories to an ill-fated taco bowl. The visually and technically impressive spot boasts a production team with credits like "The Avengers" and "Star Wars: Rogue One" to its name. The ad for the Audi RS 7 luxury sedan debuts Monday night on every major channel that is broadcasting the first debate. It will air again Oct. 10th and 19th during the second and third debates.


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