Ten brands using the force on Star Wars Day

Far, far away on social media, brands celebrate a classic film

Getting geeky, brands are. Hmmm.

May 4 is Star Wars Day, an unofficial holiday. To those nearly pulling out their hair buns to make the correlation between the date and Star Wars, it is mainly due to the fact that its slogan "May the fourth be with you," is an easy pun that plays on the movie’s most famous catch phrase "May the force be with you."

Instead of dueling with lightsabers, it is a battle of wits for brands across all industries. Consumer brands, airlines, and even endurance event series Tough Mudder are posting images and videos to honor the day.

Check out the tweets below, you will:


Home Depot





Pilot Pen


Tough Mudder


This article first appeared on prweek.com.