Subway purchases ad space from Bob's Discount Furniture for 'Eat Fresh Refresh' campaign

The spot, created by DentsuMcgarrybowen, features a cameo from Little Bob.

Subway’s "Eat Fresh Refresh" campaign, which launched in July, includes too many new menu updates to fit in one ad. 

The fast-food chain figured out a solution by purchasing space from popular local and national advertisers to share how Subway is giving its menu a major upgrade. In one spot, Subway’s commercial is cut short while describing its new turkey footlong.

"Subway has so much new it didn’t fit in our last ad, like the new turkey footlong with bacon," the narrator says. "They start with their new hearty multigrain bread, then pile on a new deli-style turkey, then top it off with hickory smoked bacon." 

Unfortunately, Subway runs out of time because "there’s too much new to fit in one commercial." Little Bob, the mascot from Bob’s Discount Furniture, saves the day, stepping in to tell viewers about Subway’s new artisanal Italian bread.

"How does anyone finish these things?" he asks, laying down next to the sandwich. "They’re huge!"