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How strong are your client-agency relationships?

How strong are your client-agency relationships?

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You experience both the pains and pleasures of a marketer-agency relationship every working day. You know what makes your life easier, you know what helps grow your business and keep customers happy. And you know when it’s going wrong.

That’s what Campaign and Worldwide Partners (WPI), a global network of independent agencies, want to investigate. Consumers are more demanding and discerning than ever. The digital revolution has democratised feedback; there’s a global cost-of-living crisis as energy prices drive inflation ahead of wage growth; corporate ethics has never had more influence on demand. This means brands and their agency partners have a huge responsibility.

How are we coping? How are our partnerships helping or hurting the customer experience, client satisfaction and the bottom line? We want to borrow a moment for a thoughtful take on the nature of client-agency relationship and how it impacts the effectiveness of our work.

In return, enter our prize draw for a £750 voucher from a retailer of your choice, we’ll share the results AND we’ll invite you to an exclusive session during Cannes Lions this year, where we’re crafting a client-agency working manifesto, to improve the dynamics for all of us.